Parent and Child Tournament

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The 2021 Parent and Child Tournament was played on club courts on Sunday 2 May in excellent weather conditions.    There were five entries in the Beginners event, eleven in the Intermediate event and six in the Open event.    The tournament was very capably organised and run by Megan Healy.    The three events were run consecutively during the day.    

All the participants enjoyed their matches and the tennis was of a high standard in the Open event, particularly in the close fought final to decide the holder of the Mary Walker trophy.      

The results were as follows:


Winners: Caleb and Erin Jourdain

Runners-up: Ryan Frost and Mary Bryant


Winners: Jethro and Gretchen Elliot 

Runners-up: Rupert and Jason Hewett


Winners: Greta and Rosstan Mazey 

Runners-up: Ethan and Adam Pryor