Junior Prize-Giving & Midwinter Party 23 Jun 6.30pm

⭐️U11 Girls Singles: Ellie C
⭐️U11 Girls Singles Plate: Mia V
⭐️U13 Girls Singles: Zara T; runner-up Alisa T
⭐️U13 Girls Singles Plate: Ellie C; runner-up Rebecca Y
⭐️15U Girls Singles: Calliope B; runner-up Claudia P
⭐️15U Girls Singles Plate: Mia O; runner-up Maxine W
⭐️15U Girls Doubles: Claudia P & Millie O; runners-up Calliope B & Imogen C
⭐️15U Girls Doubles Plate: Mia O & Maxine W; runners-up Emily Y & Chloe C

⭐️U11 Boys Singles: Aleksei T
⭐️U13 Boys Singles: Quinn M; runner-up Lennox M
⭐️U13 Boys Singles Plate: Alex M
⭐️15U Boys Singles: William R; runner-up Alex N
⭐️15U Boys Singles Plate: Jamie K; runner-up George S
⭐️15U Boys Doubles: William R & Michael M; runners-up Jamie K & Harry P
⭐️18U Boys Singles: Gage V

⭐️16-18 Girls B Pre Xmas Winners: Grace C, Matisse I, Abby J, Mia T-B, Alice B, Lucy C, Mia T
⭐️15U Boys C Pre Xmas Winners: Max Z, Alex N, George G, Hayden S, George S
⭐️12U Boys B Pre Xmas Winners: Zenon N, Quinn M, Teo B, Leo Z, Alex F, Alex M, George E, Sam S
⭐️Boys Prem 1 Post Xmas Runners-Up: Gage V, William R, Michael M
⭐️15U Boys B Post Xmas Runners-Up: Max Z, Alex N, George G, Hayden S, George S

Special Awards to be announced on the night:
⭐️Most Improved Girl: Calliope B
⭐️Most Improved Boy: Aleksei T
⭐️Von Huben Cup for Excellence - Girl: Millie O
⭐️De Gouy Cup for Excellence - Boy: Benjamin G
⭐️Best Attitude: Mia O
⭐️Outstanding Contribution: Matthew B