Midweek AGM & Prize-Giving 16 Aug 11am

🎊 Thank you to everyone who came along to play social tennis Wednesday morning and attended the Midweek AGM & Prize-Giving. Thank you also to the Stanley Bay Bowling Club who kindly let us use their wonderful venue! 🎊
It was a gorgeous and fun morning to play tennis 🎾 and eat cake 🍰!!! Congratulations to everyone who got acknowledged and big thanks to our wonderful Midweek Committee!

⭐ Midweek Champs 2023:
* Winners: Florence B & Jane WG;
* Runners-Up: Janine J & Toni J;
* Plate Winners: Sandra ML & Wendy W;
* Plate Runners-Up: Sandra C & Lisa N.
⭐ Most Improved Player: Sandra C;
⭐ Rose Bowl for Outstanding Contribution to Midweek: Lisa MC.

2022/23 Interclub Winning Teams
* B2: Jennifer H, Jane WG, Agi LG, Florence B, Michelle R, Lisa C;
* B1: Sandra C, Lisa N, Jan W, Donna G, Sally C, Anna E, Frances D, Sally B);
⭐ Interclub Highest Team Aggregate: B2, Jennifer H, Jane WG, Agi LG, Florence B, Michelle R, Lisa C.

2023 Graded Tournaments:
* A2 Champs Runners-Up: Janine J & Lisa MC;
* A2 Consolation Plate Winners: Toni J & Diane P;
* B1/B2 Combined Plate Winners: Florence B & Lisa C;
* C2 Champs Runners-Up: Jan W & Sally C.

2023 Muriel Barton tournament:
*  Main Champs Semi-Finalist: Florence B (with Margo from Belmont);
* Plate Semi-Finalist: Sandra ML (with Michelle from Waimauku);
* Special Plate Semi-Finalist: Chris B (with Michelle from Northcote).

⭐ 2023/24 Midweek Committee: Lisa MC (convenor), Karen Y, Sandra ML, Wendy W, Janine J, Sally B, Sue F, Megan F.