AGM Minutes August 2021

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Minutes of the AGM of Ngātaringa Tennis Club

held at the Clubhouse at 2:30pm on Sunday 1st August 2021


Attendees : David Aitken (AGM Chairman), Allister Irving, Ian Graham, Lisa McCloskey, Fred Ohlsson, Mark Chaddock, Lisa Chaddock, Diane Ponzio, Claire Horner, Agi Lehar-Graham, Peter Restall, Bryan Claridge, Cheryl Aitken, John Irving, Pam Neville, Janine Jones, Joke op de Beeck, Florence Southwell, Chris Beasley, Julie Irving, Sonya Northgrave, Philippa Ramage, Gianni Russo, Lucien Lemay, Stuart Harrington, Gary Sugden, Dianne Hale, Andrew Claridge , Natalie Whyte, Arlene Meder, Alastair Ness, Hamish Walsh , David Dowsett, John O’Toole, Carol O’Toole, Trudie von Huben, Shirley Griffin, Jenni Stringleman , Anita Stewart , Beibhinn Gillan, Gilles de Gouy

Apologies received:

Sandra McLachlan, Toni & Cameron Jardine, Wendy Whitfield, Raewyn Rumble


Confirmation of Minutes:

The Minutes for the 2020 AGM were approved by the meeting.  Sonia Northgrave/Janine Jones.

Matters arising: None


Annual reports for 2020/21 were presented and are attached. (The reported were moved and seconded by members and accepted by the meeting as noted in italics below.)


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: The President congratulated the members for being awarded Club of The Year by Tennis Northern for 2020/21. Further to his detailed report circulated by Email prior to the meeting he reiterated  the following points: (i) priorities for CAPEX expenditure are established according to the survey of members carried out in 2020 with Club House downstairs renovations to follow after completion of the LED lighting installation in September 2021; (ii) the club’s gratitude to the voluntary work done by the Friends of NTC led by Janine Jones; (iii) the plans to update the NTC Constitution in 2021 as soon as the planned Govt legislation for the Incorporated Societies Act is put into effect; (iv) there will be new improvements to the Club Spark court booking systems promulgated in next few days; (v) the club is making progress with its plans to develop 2 more courts in the area next to the Junior Clubhouse. Janine Jones/ Philippa Ramage


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Further to his written report, the Treasurer said bank balance, income, grants received, and profit were all up on last year which was a very good result. He complemented Pam Neville for her success in securing grants during the covid crises in 2020 and acknowledged David Dowsett’s professional support in finalising the annual accounts. He noted that the club would be grateful for members willing to make grants particularly in support of the proposed $100k downstairs development noting that they would be eligible for charitable tax deductions. Cheryl Aitken/ Florence Southwell

The president then presented the CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT in the absence of Raewyn Rumble. Peter Restall/ Alastair Ness 


Alastair Ness presented the JUNIOR CONVENORS REPORT reported a successful year of events but noted the disappointing turnout for the Junior Club Championships: John O’Toole/ Pam Neville


Lisa McCloskey presented the MIDWEEK REPORT noting the group’s AGM had been held the previous Wednesday providing details of the midweek members activities for 2020/21. She proffered midweek members willingness to contribute to a replacement carpet for upstairs area and advised members of upcoming event including Love Tennis on 19th September to coincide with NTC opening day.


Hamish Walsh gave a brief verbal report of O&M activities noting that arrangements will be contracted to Grant Gibbs to repair approximately 15-20 broken net support posts during the next few months. Janine Jones suggested Hamish enlist the help of Friends of NTC for maintenance tasks if he is away/unable to attend them.  Bryan Claridge/ Sonya Northgrave


Fees for the 2021/22 season: The President said the committee was recommending that there be no change to the subscription fees paid for the coming season.  However, there will be an increase in family membership fees to $1100, with the discounted rate remaining $1000.


The issue of credit card fees which the club is charged when members pay online through ClubSpark was revisited after being raised in the 2020 AGM. Ian Graham advised that the total of credit charges in 2020/21 was $1,473. He considered that the ability to use credit cards when paying for membership and other fees is a service that we offer to members, in that it allows the transaction to be completed on the ClubSpark website without making a separate bank transfer. Credit card payments also have a lower error rate than direct debit payments, which can be made to the wrong bank account, be of an incorrect amount, or have inadequate information to identify the member. This means that the use of credit cards results in a much smaller administrative burden which compensates for the associated charge.


Election of Officers: In his capacity as Chair of the meeting David Aitken read out the names of members who had indicated their willingness to stand for office in 2021/22 as outlined in the Agenda for the AGM circulated prior to the meeting. He then called for nominations and seconders for each position, all of whom were approved by acclamation as follows:


Constitutional Positions:

Allister Irving was re-elected as President. Claire Horner/ Philippa Ramage

Bryan Claridge was re-elected as Vice President: Janine Jones/ Diane Ponzio

John Irving was re-elected as Secretary: Arlene Meder/ Carol O’Toole

Ian Graham was re-elected Treasurer. Diane Ponzio/Julie Irving

Lisa Chaddock was elected Club Captain. Florence Southwell/ Lisa McCloskey

Stuart Harrington was elected Vice Club Captain. Pam Neville/ Ian Graham


Committee Members:

Lisa McCloskey was elected for Membership Liaison. Julie Irving/ Florence Southwell

Alastair Ness was re-elected for Junior Convenor Hamish Walsh/Brian Claridge

David Dowsett was elected for Grant Solicitation John O’Toole/Peter Restall

Hamish Walsh was re-elected for O&M Brian Claridge/Trudy von Huber

Janine Jones was elected for Communications Cheryl Aitken/Julie Irving

Raewyn Rumble was elected as a general advisor Janine Jones/Allister irving

John O’Toole was appointed Honorary Solicitor Ian Graham/ Arlene Meder

Alan Revie  has accepted the role of Reviewer for the 2021/22 Financials

Dianne Hale was confirmed as Honorary Patron


General Business: The downstairs renovation plans have been mentioned in several newsletters over the past year. It was agreed that the project was considered a priority to be undertaken after the installation of the LED lighting and when the club can be assured of being able to raise the expected $100k for the work. There was a suggestion that some members may be willing to offer a capital injection for the work in exchange for a eligible charitable tax deduction.  It was agreed the drawing layout by Ken Davis would be circulated to the membership inviting members to comment on the proposed design displayed in the clubhouse. The final plans and budgeting will be undertaken after members have had some time for feedback.


Diane Ponzio noted that volunteers are required to join her in supporting Hamish with his O&M activities. She also requested the committee request the Auckland City Council to resurface the path from the street to the clubhouse.


 Diane Ponzio also proposed that the Minutes of the AGM record the member’s congratulations to the Club Captain’s well-deserved award given to Head Coach Lucien Lemay along with the club’s gratitude for all the efforts he has made to help NTC get its award as Club of the Year. Applauded and Agreed by acclamation.


The meeting closed at approximately 3:30 pm


Minutes taken by John Irving and approved by NTC committee for circulation to membership prior to AGM 2022.