Member Info


The club is affiliated with Tennis Northern Region (TNR).  Occasionally our courts are made available for TNR and/or TNR Veterans' tennis events.

The Clubhouse
Club members are asked to assist in the cleanliness of the clubhouse by placing all used cups, plates etc in the dishwasher, replacing furniture and generally leaving the premises and grounds clean and tidy.

Club Security
Each member is asked to be responsible for the security of all club facilities.  Please assist by ensuring all court gates, doors and windows are shut and fully secured after use, especially if you are the last to leave.  This includes switching off the floodlights in the clubhouse.  The clubhouse is monitored by an alarm which is activated a reasonable time after the floodlight automatic switch-off times.

Key Access
Key access to the courts and clubhouse is available, at the discretion of club management (and only to full senior financial members).  Locks may be changed at the discretion of the committee.  Keys are not to be made available to non-members.

Car Parking
Members are expected to park their vehicles with due care and consideration for other users of the car park.  Please do not park on the grassed area.  Members are warned to lock their vehicles.  

Organised Play
The Management Committee has assigned the following times for specific activities. Outside these times, courts are available for booking.