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"Do you remember the time that………”
A certain past-President dropped his keys on the counter in the downstairs kitchen, proceeded out to a court to play and on return not only were his keys gone, but also his late model BMW (Company Car!) from the Car Park!
A past member and valued Committee member parked his car opposite court one, only to have it demolished by a car and trailer travelling up from the Marina. The driver apparently had been passing a bag of sweets over his shoulder, taking his eyes off the road in the process and totally writing off our unfortunate members vehicle
Just two stories from our (not so distant) past…..but how many more are there out there from our Club’s 100 year history!
We are after such memories for our Centennial Celebration book now under preparation. As the above indicates, they don’t have to be long, even just one or two liners and concerning ‘happenings' on or off the court!
You would think our club was in operation from the 20’s to the 30’s, closed down, then opened up again from the eighties to the present day!
…..or that’s what it would seem from the photographic records we have been reviewing in preparation for our various photo displays. Obviously, that’s not the case, but if you have any photos taken in the era from the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s or even in the 70's, we’d love to see them for our photo history displays we are preparing now!

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