Covid Update

We know how important physical and mental wellbeing is in the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and that's why we had done & will continue to do everything in our power to ensure you can continue to play tennis & enjoy the comradery we have at our club.


As you know we will move into the COVID-19 Protection Framework on Friday 3rd December, with

RED Traffic light as the setting.

So, what does that mean for us.



We can continue to operate as we have been, playing tennis and doing other outdoor activities but now,  with no limits on numbers.  For social tennis we will continue to have the social board outside, (which in the hot weather most people are appreciating.)

Social distancing is still encouraged.

While masks are recommended they are not mandatory, outdoors.

Evening tennis can resume as access to the downstairs clubhouse is now allowed with limited numbers & masks on whenever inside.




The clubhouse will be open but there are some rules around this:

You will note the table tennis table has been put away this is to avoid activity and mingling inside

Masks indoors are mandatory, even to go to the bathroom.

No socialising, mixing , groups etc.

No entry into the office, respect Amy's space and please have your mask on.

Maximum 8 people at any one time


Basically, you can only enter the clubhouse for anything necessary ie. fill your water bottle, go to the bathroom, turn on the outside lights, or get our of the rain, etc.



As the upstairs area is classified as "hospitality" there are different rules to the rest of the club:

Masks are mandatory, unless eating or drinking.

When inside you must be seated in groups 10 or less, with tables a minimum 1 metre apart,

(We will re arrange the tables to reflect this)

Based on square meterage & table seating we have a maximum limit of 48 upstairs at any given time.

No standing at the bar, you are there to pay for your drink only

As with any bar, event centre etc you will to need to show your Vaccine Pass to enter.

While it may appear to still be a lot of "rules" we do have to work with the government's mandates we can now enjoy playing tennis with no limitations, go to the bathroom when we want to, have a drink in the bar etc.


We are moving in the right direction.