Business House




Welcome to Papamoa Tennis Club Business House 2019-2020​.

Thank you for joining us for a night of social and fun tennis.

If I can please ask that all teams aim to arrive at 5.45pm at the latest, place dinner order, collect balls, and be ready to start at 6pm.

At this stage we will run with the option of ordering Dominoes Pizzas for $6 each (includes delivery). We may look into other menu options or meals if feedback is such that this isn’t the preferred option.

We encourage you to stay around after your game, and enjoy the social evening relax and enjoy the banter with your fellow competitors, refreshments will be available, cash only no eftpos available. You may be lucky enough to win a random prize, or earn yourself a wildcard bonus.

Teams Subs

$180 Incl. GST  per team (payable by the team captain)

Please pay into the Papamoa Tennis Club bank account

03-1355-0622700-00 SBS Bank - BH201819 (Team Name Reference)

If you require a GST receipt please let me know.


Business House Scoring Format:

Matches are played in any combination of players (and switched around for the second) with two matches of first to 7.

First game is regular scoring continuing thereafter with the winners score handicapped, starting at a negative score i.e. winners -

1 game lead start -15, 2 game lead -30, 3 game lead -45, 4 game lead (Maximum score handicap) -45 and opposition on +15. Game is played out as per normal scoring from the handicapped score

Deuce Rules - 2 full deuce points played out, on 3rd instant deuce (Receiver may choose who receives serve).

Scores will go on the score-board as a teams total combined points for the night - i.e. score 7-4, 7-3, 2-7, 7-5 Team A score 23. Team B 19.

Make sure you remember to write up when coming off the court on the night.

Week 5​ - “Swingers” night (I will leave open for your own interpretation!) Meal for tonight will be Burgers $6 each.

Week 10​ - Xmas, this will be a potluck dinner night so please all bring some food to share, partners welcome to come along and have a knees up also. I happily encourage a fancy dress option for those that are not shy, and want to have a laugh. We will hold a small prize giving, and maybe some sounds into the night to celebrate.

Yes we allow those! .....and will some weeks add some to the game, surprise rules that is! Your team Captain will be informed what this is on the night.

Man Down!
If you need a player for the night please make it your own teams responsibility to replace the player,   not mine I will endeavour to put a reserves list out to call if needed.

Thanks again for taking part, lets all have a laugh whilst enjoying some Tennis!

To be confirmed..........

Business House Convenor


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