Tennis Singles Ladder

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The format and rules for the ladder are as follows:
1. The tennis ladder is open to all adult members and capable juniors who are confident to play against senior members.
2. Men, women and juniors will all be on the same ladder.
3. A challenger can challenge higher ranked players up to 3 places above them on the ladder.
4. The challenger is responsible for arranging an agreeable time for the match, booking the court and supplying suitable tennis balls.
5. The challenge needs to be organised within 10 days of the challenge request.
6. Only one challenge can be received at a time. Once this is completed the ladder is updated if necessary (i.e. if the challenger wins) by moving the winner's card above the loser's card on the ladder.
7. Any 'no show' matches are considered as a win by default unless either party is injured or in the case of exceptional circumstances. It is the responsibility of the players to act in good faith and ensure matches are played in a timely manner.
8. Matches will be 3 sets with tie breaks (to 7) in each set, or 2 sets with a super tiebreak (to 10) if agreed by both players before play starts.
9. A ranking of players will be made initially to get the ladder started, after which challenges can be accepted.
10. Each player's first challenge is allowed to be an open challenge, i.e. challenge for any position on the ladder.
11. Any member wishing to join the ladder after the commencement of the ladder will be placed in an appropriate place initially and then allowed one open challenge for another position.
12. Tiki Tournament, Club championship and other club events take priority over ladder matches.

Thanks to Jim Perry who is co-ordinating the ladder. Any questions please email Jim (