Alcohol Policy

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Our club alcohol policy outlines club rules around alcohol consumption. The policy sets expectations for behaviour and expresses the club’s intolerance to intoxication. The club alcohol policy will ensure our club meets the best interests of members and represents the values of the club.



Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, enjoyable environment that encourages all participants to reach their full potential no matter what their aspirations may be.



Sumner Tennis & Squash Club Incorporated is committed to being an outstanding club that provides an environment that aims to inspire, nurture and develop.


Members of this community and this club recognise that the misuse of alcohol constitutes a threat to our mission.


This policy applies to club members; their guests and members of clubs with reciprocal visiting rights, and any affiliated team (whether or not the member is an authorised customer) on club property and facilities; and while engaged in a club activity.


Our rules

  • Alcohol can only be purchased at the bar - No BYO alcohol permitted
  • Members/Non-Members:To purchase or consume alcohol in this premises you must be one of the following:
    • A member of this club
    • A member of another club with reciprocal visiting rights “affiliated member”
    • Here as a guest of a member of this club and accompanied by them
    • Here as a guest of an affiliated member and accompanied by them
  • Alcohol can only be consumed in the licensed area (refer to our indoor/outdoor Plan)
  • Bar staff will confirm customers can purchase alcohol (age/intox/membership)
  • Disregarding our rules may result in loss of membership
  • There will be no new alcohol sponsorship
  • No drugs are permitted
  • No disorderly behaviour will be tolerated
  • No drinking alcohol on the courts.


Our process:

  • Our alcohol policy is displayed at the entrance to the club and on the clubs website
  • Contracts and newsletters will include the clubs alcohol policy
  • Our clubs alcohol policy is included in general club marketing and advertising
  • We will review our policy annually