Regional One

WTA  HEAD Regional 1 Mens Interclub Pre Xmas Competition 2022

Shirley Corlett Cup

The Regional 1 interclub competition is the Wairarapa’s premier  interclub competition. Players are representing their clubs in matches of singles and doubles.

The teams are  2  Men with matches played Thurs/Fri evenings and Saturday afternoons.




Dates: 7 week competition (including finals)

Pre Xmas– Thursday 27th October 2022   - Saturday 10th December 2022 

Start times – Thursday/Friday Evenings - 6:00pm; Saturday - 12:30pm.

If teams are wanting a practice hit prior to the fixture, they must assemble at the venue early to ensure that play starts on time.

Match Format - : Thurs/Fri: Best of 2 TB Sets to 6, 3 rd Set STB. Saturday: Best of 3 TB Sets to 6. Normal Deuces always apply.

Cost - $30 per team

Balls – Home team to provide 1 new 4-ball can of Head ATP/Tour balls and away team to provide 2 new 4-ball cans for each fixture.

Playing Order – MatchHub grade will be used to determine basic playing order. A team cannot play a lower graded player ahead of a higher graded player. However, if players are within the same grade, their playing order for the fixture is at the discretion of the team captain.

For example, a S7 graded player must play above a S8 graded player but if multiple Men’s players are graded S7 they can play in any order (irrespective of their ranking points within that grade).

The club ladder no longer determines playing order, if it differs from configure rankings. To check the grades of your team go to and enter your club details.

If you feel any of your team is mis-graded, contact the WTA promptly and we will consider a re-grade.

For the doubles, grades do not apply.

Results Sheets – Both team captains must pre-fill the results sheet prior to a fixture. You cannot consult with the other team captain on the playing order or doubles combinations of their team before filling out your own team sheet. Use the official results sheets provided. At the conclusion of the fixture the winning team captain needs to upload the results on to MatchHub within 48 hours of the match.

Eligible Players – Teams must field players who are affiliated to a tennis club or school. If you are going to use a player(s) who are affiliated to another club or school or have no configure ranking, please ensure they are listed in your squad prior to the fixture.

Team members must have played at least one match in pool play to be eligible to play in the final.

Play-Off’s Countback – If two teams are level after pool play, the winner of their head-to-head fixture will finish in the higher ranking. If three teams are level and the head-to head results have been shared, a sets differential countback will be used, then games etc.

Inclement Weather/Postponements – In the event of inclement weather, you need to contact the captain of the team from the host club to establish the chances of play commencing. If a fixture is unable to be played on its scheduled day, the affected teams need to communicate immediately to re-schedule this fixture for another day. If every effort has been made but the fixture cannot be started or completed, the points will be shared.