Junior Club Championships

The Junior Club Championships is an annual tournament to give junior club members a fun experience with tournaments and find the top junior tennis players at the club in various competitions.

The tournament is usually held early April each year at Kilbirnie Tennis Club over two days.

Parents of junior club members will be emailed tournament information and registration details a few weeks before the tournament.

The tournament is open to all junior club members but recommended for juniors with interclub competition experience aged 9 and above. All interclub players are encouraged to enter.

The following outlines how the tournament is run. The organisers may make adjustments however to balance out the competitions. Any adjustments will be advised when the draw is published.


A number of competitions will be run during the tournament with players separated into two grades - A and B Grade.

Generally, the tournament A Grade is for juniors playing in Interclub A, B, or C grade competitions.

The tournament B Grade is for juniors playing in Interclub D and Hot Shots grade competitions.


The following competitions will be run during the tournament:

Day 1 - Singles

  • Girls A grade singles
  • Boys A grade singles
  • Girls B grade singles
  • Boys B grade singles

Day 2 - Doubles

  • Girls A grade doubles
  • Boys A grade doubles
  • Mixed A grade doubles
  • Girls B grade doubles
  • Boys B grade doubles
  • Mixed B grade doubles

Competition Format

Competitions will be primarily round-robin. Juniors in each competition will play a series of matches against others. There may be a final playoff for the competition leaders.

Points will be awarded according to the number of games won in each match. The competition winner will be person with the most points when all matches have been completed. The runner-up will be the person with the second highest number of points.

Match Format

There will time limits on matches.

The winner of each match will be either the first to win seven games (with a margin of two games) or the person with the highest score when the time limit is reached. Play will be extended at time limit, if no winner with a margin of two games, until both players have served the same number of games.

Games will have no tie-breaks - sudden death deuces apply. Ends should be changed after every odd game as usual.


Competitors will be advised by email of the draw and times of play a day or two before the Singles and Doubles tournaments. Any adjustments to the competition or match rules will also be included with the draw.


There will be an awards ceremony some time after the tournament (to be advised).

Trophies will be awarded to competition winners. These may be held by the competition winner until the following year.

Certificates will be presented to winners and runners-up.

Winners and runners-up will also be posted on the Honours page of the club website and Annual Report.


The tournament is FREE for junior members of Kilbirne Tennis Club.

How to Enter

Parents of junior club members will be emailed tournament information and registration details a few weeks before the tournament.

Instructions on how to enter the competitions will be included in the email. Juniors will be able to choose their own partner for doubles competitions or request one be assigned. Mixed doubles partners will be assigned.