Book A Court

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

How to Book a Court

Please click here for a quick "How To" guide to booking a court.

Members of the public are welcome to book courts for a fee.

Court Booking Rules for Members

You may only book a court that is not already booked by someone else.

The only exceptions to this rule are for:

  • pre-planned group coaching sessions (does not include individual coaching sessions which are subject to the same court booking rights as members),
  • club nights and club day bookings (junior, midweek and senior),
  • club events such as club championships and
  • interclub and other events as organised by the committee or at the request of the committee.

The committee and event organisers will do their best to ensure these priority bookings are blocked out well in advance. But the committee reserves the right to overbook individual bookings and will advise those concerned.

It is important that members do not abuse the court booking system by booking courts and then not using them.  As soon as you know you will not be taking up your booking, please go into bookings and ‘my bookings’ and cancel your booking.  As a courtesy to other members please cancel as much in advance of your booking as possible. Repeated failure to do so may result in loss of the ability to book courts.