Tennis Central’s position on the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak situation continues to reflect the positions advocated by the Ministry of HealthSport NZ and Tennis NZ.

Update: 5 April 2022 5.30pm

RED LEVEL  COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF)

As of today, in line with government protocols, the Centre has removed the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, thereby allowing anyone to access the Centre. Thank you to everyone for their compliance with the various protocols in recent months, including those that stayed away from the Centre as a result of being unvaccinated. 

Please note that it is still a requirement that face masks are to be worn when indoors, except when playing on court.

Outdoor venues unlimited capacity.

Indoor venues 200 max / there also needs to be 1 square metre per person.  For example, a club clubhouse of 40 square metres has a capacity of 40, not 200.


Tennis Central Competitions

A decision has been made by Tennis Central that all Tennis Central competitions currently underway will not be vaccine mandated.  However, all competitions will need to comply with the vaccine policy of the venue or venues at which they are being played.


Further Information

Tennis New Zealand have released general guidelines on what clubs can do at each level of the COVID Protection Framework – Red, Orange and Green.  This information will also be available to access from the Tennis New Zealand website

As always, any questions, please contact me at your convenience by mobile.

Tim Shannahan
Chief Executive Officer
Tennis Central Region
Mobile: 021 126 3322



These restrictions and recommendations will remain in place until further notice. We ask for your co-operation in complying with whatever rules are in place at all times. 

General advice

Bookmark Tennis NZ’s Covid-19 web page for up-to-date notifications.
Follow Tennis NZ’s Facebook page for up to date notifications, fun stories and videos.
Look after your wellbeing and mental health.  Share this with your membership and coaches too.
Regional updates will also be available on our WEBSITE

Further public information is available on the NZ COVID-19 WEBSITE
with a dedicated Healthline COVID-19 number  – 0800 358 5453