Tennis Central’s position on the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak situation continues to reflect the positions advocated by the Ministry of HealthSport NZ and Tennis NZ.

Update: 2 December 2022 2:20pm

Situation from 11:59pm, 2 December 2021 - ORANGE LEVEL  COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF)


COVID 19 Protection Framework (CPF)

Please visit Tennis NZ's Covid-19 page for further updates

Tennis Central Competitions

A decision has been made by Tennis Central that all Tennis Central competitions currently underway will not be vaccine mandated.  A primary reason for this is that the competitions have generally been running for several weeks without incident and all will finish inside the next two weeks, which is before the Auckland-lockdown will end. However, all competitions will need to comply with the vaccine policy of the venue or venues at which they are being played.

On that basis, all competitions at the Wellington Renouf Tennis Centre will require participants to present their COVID vaccine certificate at the PlanitPro Shop upon entering the Centre. Interclub – Premier, Tecnifibre, Midweek and Junior (Junior is Wellington and Kapi Mana only) – will continue to be played at all venues, noting that some will be vaccine mandated and others will not.  Tennis Central have collected from clubs an indication of their intended vaccine policy for this weekend.  Team managers and club captains have been notified as to the status of each venue and guide teams on whether they can only use players with COVID vaccine certificates only or continue to select players without a COVID vaccine certificate.

Where a venue does not restrict access to vaccinated people only, other protocols will need to be applied:

  • if any players or supporters feel unwell, they should stay home
  • everyone should scan the venue’s QR code on arrival
  • consider limiting (or closing) the access to the clubhouse
  • wear masks when not playing and respect social distancing
  • keep numbers onsite as low as possible - Government rule at CPF Orange is no more than 50


2022 Competitions and Activities

Tennis Central is considering what requirements will be put in place for post-Christmas competitions and activities.  This will be informed by how the COVID Protection Framework operates over the coming weeks and any modifications to it by the Government before the start of post-Christmas activities. On that basis, further information will be provided once we have completed the current competitions and activities and can finalise what will work best moving forward.


Information for users of the Renouf Tennis Centre

The Sport New Zealand advised threshold at COVID Protection Framework Orange is 50 people and this threshold is generally surpassed every day of the week at the Centre at some point in each day. For that and health and safety reasons, the Centre will become a vaccine mandated venue from midnight 2 December 2022.  This means that only people who can provide evidence of being fully vaccinated, by way of a COVID vaccine certificate (CVC) will be able to use the Centre, with the exception of children 12 years and under.

Anyone using the Centre will be required to report to the PlanitPro Shop and present their COVID vaccine certificate and another form of ID to verify details to staff to be permitted to enter the Centre and use the facilities.  There will also be regular spot checks of Centre users by staff to ensure everyone on-site does have a COVID vaccination certificate.  It is asked that anyone that is asked to show their COVID vaccination certificate will accept that this is a legal requirement and not give staff any grief.

As a result of the move to a vaccine mandated venue it is necessary for those booking courts at the Centre to ensure everyone in the group for each booking does have a COVID vaccination certificate. If a user wishes to cancel an existing booking due to the COVID vaccination certificate requirement, it can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the time of play and a full refund will be provided. 

We are currently working with Tennis New Zealand and ClubSpark to have a declaration added to the court booking process that will require the person making the booking to confirm that they and anyone else that will come to the Centre in association with that booking has a COVID vaccine certificate.  The booking will not be able to be finalised until this declaration is made.  However, until that addition has been developed and added to the booking process, please be mindful of the need for all members of your playing group, including any non-players, to have a COVID vaccination certificate. This requirement will also be included in the terms of use issued in the email confirming a booking has been made.


Further Information

Tennis New Zealand have released general guidelines on what clubs can do at each level of the COVID Protection Framework – Red, Orange and Green.  This information will also be available to access from the Tennis New Zealand website. As always, any questions, please contact me at your convenience by mobile.

Kind regards,

Tim Shannahan
Chief Executive Officer
Tennis Central Region
Mobile: 021 126 3322

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The expectations of participants using the Centre are:

  • Face masks are recommended expet when actually playing
  • Scan in using the Covid tracer app upon arrival
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres recommended except when actually playing
  • Sanitis hands upon arrival and at departure

We ask for your co-operation in complying with whatever rules are in place at all times.

Please continue to check the Tennis NZ COVID-19 web page for further updates as they become available.

These restrictions and recommendations will remain in place until further notice. 

Contact Tracing 

Tennis Central use the Ministry of Health COVID Tracer process.  

General advice

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