Learn to play the easy way!

Learn to play in a fun, sociable way...

Tennis Xpress is a fun, innovative way of teaching tennis to get players started. It has been developed to help adults into the game by removing many of the barriers associated with learning the sport.

The aim is to get you playing the game quickly (within six weeks) by using lower pressure balls, flexible court sizes, simple scoring and simple technical teaching, all which promote a successful learning environment where players gain confidence, skills, and have fun as they serve, rally and score!

  • Designed
    for adult beginners
  • Learn & improve at something new
  • Meet new people to play

How will Tennis Xpress help me?

This 6 week coaching course will teach you the tactical and technical fundamentals of tennis so that you can confidently play tennis with friends, family, your children, or other people you meet on the course.

  • Learn to serve, rally and score!
  • Build your confidence by learning something new
  • A variety of ball types and court sizes make playing the game easier and more fun
  • Get out and socialise with friends and meet new people too.

A great way to socialise

Everyone on your Tennis Xpress course will be new to tennis so you can be sure that you’ll all have lots of fun and laughs together as you learn. Coaches guide and encourage you, adapting their teaching styles so you can learn in a way that best suits you.

You’ll gain confidence and be introduced to ‘play on’ opportunities where you can get out and have friendly hits with the people you’ve met on the course or your friends and family that already play.


Week 1

Understand the basic strokes and learn to score

Key learning points:

  • Ready position
  • Movement styles
  • Preparation of the racquet
  • Contact points

Week 2

Read the ball, develop your weaker shot and learn proper tennis scoring

Key learning points:

  • Judging the flight of the ball
  • Forehand and backhand preparation
  • Serving basics

Week 3

Singles and doubles court positioning

Key learning points:

  • Ready positions
  • Recovery and court positioning
  • Movement to and from the ball

Week 4

Directing shots and moving your opponents

Key learning points:

  • Directing the ball
  • Swing styles
  • Serve rhythm
  • Receiving the ball

Week 5

Court positioning in all game situations

Key learning points:

  • Doubles scenarios and tactics

Week 6

Attacking and defending. Get ready for social tennis!

Key learning points:

  • Doubles teamwork
  • Understanding the game situation
  • How to attack and defend

Coaches! Thinking about running a course?