Hot Shots

The Tennis Hot Shots Club programme was launched in October 2013.

Get registered NOW so you can offer this programme to your club at the beginning of the season and deliverers (volunteers & Coaches) can go through the FREE mandatory coach delivery course of 2-3 hours.

Tennis Hot Shots is made up of 4 pillars

  1. Schools
  2. Community Play (Clubs)
  3. Coaching
  4. Tournaments

Community Play Details

On registration and payment of the registration fee of $150.00 gst incl you will receive in the first year.

A Tennis Hot Shots branded kit bag

1 x mini net

1 dozen red balls

1 dozen orange balls

1 dozen green balls

A Tennis Hot Shots branded fence banner

Online resources including coaching session plans

Discounts for extra equipment

More information

Watch video here

For any further information

Mike Innes
021 717 666