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Tennis New Zealand Hot Shots

Tennis Hot Shots

Smaller courts, lighter racquets and super-hittable balls make Tennis Hot Shots the perfect programme for children age 3-12. Kiwi kids can play at school, at a club and with their friends in a safe, engaging environment having heaps of fun from the very first hit!

Tennis New Zealand Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis

Get out of the gym, step on to the court and raise a sweat with this high intensity workout. Complete beginners and regular players of all fitness levels will have a blast working out to music, getting fitter and faster all whilst burning 300-800 calories in a 60-minute Cardio Tennis session.

Tennis New Zealand Tennis Xpress

Tennis Xpress

Learn tennis the easy way with this adult beginner programme. It’s sociable and fun, teaching you the basics of the game in just 6 weeks. Tennis Xpress uses innovative equipment and teaching styles to help you feel comfortable on the court so you can play with family, friends and others who you’ve met on the course.