Tennis Otago Interclub

We have the following teams in the 23/24 Technifibre Tennis Otago Interclub Championships. To see the draw and standings for all divisions, please visit:


Women's Competition:

  • Team Name: Taieri - Forsyth Barr
  • Captain: Kate Jones
  • Other team members: Katie Chalmers, Sonia Alexanian, Willa Faber, Denise Colston, Emma Jackson 


Senior Division 2: 

  • Team Name: Taieri 1
  • Captain: Connor Morrison
  • Other team members: Daryll Reddington, Henry Hawkins, Mike Carter, Hayden Young


Premier Doubles: Taieri

  • Team Name: Taieri
  • Captain: Willa Faber
  • Other team members: Bobby Singh, Kobus Faber, Debbie Stevens, Peter McCutcheon, Jackie McCutcheon


Mixed Division:

  • Team Name: Taieri White & Taieri Black
  • Captain: Peter Smith & Denise Colston
  • Other team members: Sonia Alexanian, Pat Laney, Eilidh McKay-Stewart, Mark Willis, Steve Dunbar, Mark Pearson, Keith Ruthven, Kerry Lockhart


Junior Division 1:

  • Team Name: Taieri 
  • Parent leader: ?
  • Team members: Rylee Outram, Eli Tucker, Emmanuel Highstead, Jessie Highstead, Connor Aitken


Good luck to all teams playing in this season's competition!


Thank you to our 23/24 Team Sponsors!

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