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Having a coach of your own is advantageous as it speed up the learning process, and if there is something particular you would like to work on then we will tailor each lesson to your needs.  Emphasis is placed on getting your strokes correct and basic movement and footwork, plus other aspects of the game can be focused on entirely with you and your progress can be monitored week to week.


Cardio tennis is a high energy workout, which is led by a coach.  Social and great fun players of all levels can attended and even those who have never played can join us, as its all about fitness and movement and getting the heart pumping.  Great music, and encouragement to work hard from your coach, is all the motivation you will need to work hard and have fun.


Tennis Xpress is a six week course which is for total beginners.  We use a low compression ball to help build the player’s confidence and increase the ability to rally.  The technique of all the main shots will be taught in that first six weeks.  Once the course has been completed players can progress into other programmes within the club.


Sessions for Members and Non Members are available throughout the year for beginners and advanced players.


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