Junior Club Champs

Welcome to the 2018/2019 Season Junior Club Champs!  Entries are now closed and the draws are up.  Please note that we know all the kids have very busy lives so we are relaxed about when the matches can be played.  Please just let me know if you are not completing the round by the date shown - Junior Boys will be tight so just do what you can and have fun!

- We will do plate rounds where appropriate (probably just junior boys)

- Do not stress about timings - just keep me posted and do the best you can

- The semis and finals do not have to be played on the Friday nights where specified if players can't make it

- any questions please email joannecrang@gmail .com or text me 021527264

- use your OTC book to find contact details of flick me an email

- remember to book your courts via the website

- format same as open grades in the weekend (first to 9) - there are a couple of beginner grade players in our comp so please be aware of that

- I think I have included everyone - there is some people with a bye so if we have to slot someone into the draw I will let you know - let's just be flexible so everyone has fun and gets some tennis!

Junior Boys Singles Draw

Junior Boys Doubles

Junior Girls Singles Draw

Junior Girls Doubles

Senior Girls Singles

Senior Girls Doubles

Senior Boys Singles

Senior Boys Doubles