Interclub Important Dates 2020 -2021

Monday 16th September

Closing date for all entries, Premier & Senior Grade

Close date for all Challenger entries & court availability

Sunday 22nd September

Premier Draws competed & posted on website

Wednesday 25th September

Closing date for all other entries & Court Availability 

Saturday 28th September

Premier Interclub commences

Sunday 29th September

Senior Draws completed & posted on website

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October

Start of Senior Interclub

Friday 18th & Saturday 19th October

Start of Junior Interclub 

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October

Labour Weekend — no Interclub

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th November

Canterbury Anniversary — no Interclub

Thursday 28th November

Clubs must submit team playing orders to Tennis Canterbury 

Friday 13th to Sunday 17th December 2019

Last Weekend of Interclub pre-Christmas

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd February 2020

Senior Interclub commences after Xmas

Friday 7th & Saturday 8th February 2020 

First round of Junior Interclub after Xmas  

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th  March 2020

Finals Day for All interclub

Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th April 2020

Reserve Finals Days for All Interclub