Starting Thursday 15th October 2020

Entry fee - $150 per person, Full Club Members FREE

Registrations and fees due by Friday 9th October

Fees must be paid before players take the court




  • Three rounds each night at 6.00, 6.45, 7.30 sharp. Please arrive at least 10mins before taking the court. Players not on court 5minutes after the first hooter has gone may have their game defaulted at the discretion of the Coordinator.
  • Teams will toss for service and ends at the start of the game – no rallies to start please.
  • Start on hooter, 40-minute games, change ends at half-time on hooter. If in the middle of a game, finish game then change ends.
  • Points scored as per normal tennis. If at deuce, next point wins game (Golden point) and receiving team can decide which player receives serve. Games won accumulate until hooter sounds (i.e. no sets). Teams to keep game score and winning team must notify Coordinator of results at the end of the round.
  • If the game score is even at the final hooter, i.e. 15 all, next point wins that game.
  • In all rounds substitute players must come from the same group or lower. If both players absent, game is defaulted.
  • Teams may apply to the Coordinator for a special dispensation bye at the start of the competition if both players are away for the following reasons only- 1. A pre-booked holiday OR 2. A national event
  • If you are unable to play your game and arrange a substitute player in your group or lower you must notify Coordinator (Mili) of change by midday Thursday.
  • Points – 5 for a WIN by 3 games or more, 4 for a WIN by 2 games or more, 3 for a DRAW or WIN by default, 1 for a LOSS by 2 games or less, 0 for a default. Points will accumulate in the Preliminary Round to seed teams.
  • Any disagreements/challenges must be referred to the Business House Coordinator or the Club Captain who will together make a ruling. Any ruling/decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • All participants enter the Business House competition fully understanding and accepting the rules and requirements.


All teams to provide one TEXT capable mobile number and email address.

Contact – Mili Sipa 027 429 5497 or Email –

Weekly draw available on our website HERE