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The Matakana Tennis Club is the comeback of the century.  Established in 1893, it started out as a grass court in Matakana Diamond Jubilee Park.  We know from the old timers, at one point they were also playing on shingle, if you can imagine that!  Generations of local families grew up learning and playing tennis at Matakana, but by the late 1990s, the courts had fallen into disrepair, and no one really played there again for a decade. 

In 2014, a dedicated group of locals got together to lobby Auckland Council to get the bitumen surface resealed and they were finally successful in late 2017.    After that success, the club was reformed, and fundraising began with the intention to AstroTurf and provide a windbreak, both of which were completed in early 2019.

Where to next?  We want to keep building on this amazing community facility.  Matakana Diamond Jubilee Park is in desperate need of rejuvenation.  The local primary school also lacks any tennis playing facilities, so if we can, at a minimum, install toilet facilities, according to the school principal, they will be able to utilise this space too.  But we want to go further, with lighting and a universal 'wraparound' clubhouse for all users of Jubliee Park.  So, we need to raise $500,000 to make this happen.  Join us!

The Matakana Tennis Club has had a long standing history in the local community, dating right back to it’s roots in 1907. Located right in the heart of Matakana, the three newly sealed courts are ready to play on and are open to everyone. Keep up to date here with news of upcoming events and activities. There will be something for everyone, with summer coaching for our younger plays, tennis fitness, plenty of social tennis and competition opportunities against other clubs for the more serious amongst us. Mixed in with this there will be entertaining social events for young and old to provide an opportunity to meet local tennis enthusiasts.


Life Memberships

The club has released 12 LIFE MEMBERSHIPS as we move toward a future where our tennis club becomes the heart of the community – a community hub – a place where all walks of life can gather, socialise and enjoy sport for many years to come.

To date we have been fortunate enough to offer six Life Memeberships, they are:

Simon Barclay

Georgie Bruhns

Tim Connell 

Jeremy Jackson

Mark Macky

Matt Vyle.

We appreciate their support as we attempt to create something special in the heart of Matakana.

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Matakana Tennis Club
207 Matakana Valley Road

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