Prizegiving 2012

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CONGRATULATIONS to all of our prize recipients for the 2011-2012 season. Below is a list of all recipients and photos of our prize winners who attended. Prize Giving 2012 was held on Sunday 6th May.

We would like to extend a special Congratulations to Isobel Baker who was awarded with a Gold Service Badge from Tennis Auckland for her outstanding 25 years of service to our club.

Isobel Baker - winner of a Gold Service Badge from Tennis Auckland

Well done Isobel and thank you for all of your hard work!




Sonny Adams Interclub Trophy: Josef Hardenbol
Sonny Adams Interclub Trophy: Audrey Willey

Sportsmanship Senior: Suzanne Florian
Sportsmanship Intermediate: Jadin Johnston

Club Championship Trophies

Mens Singles Winner: Tim Tutu
Mens Singles Runner-up: Josef Hardenbol

Mens Doubles Winners: Jacob Molotii & Telo Tufou
Mens Doubles Runners-up: Josef Hardenbol & Jadin Johnston

Ladies Singles Winner: Suzanne Florian
Ladies Singles Runner-up: Deirdre Harding

Ladies Doubles Winners: Alesi Molotii & Linda Zhao
Ladies Doubles Runners-up: Donella Matthews & Suzanne Florian

Combines Doubles Winners: Beryl Devery & Daniel Baker
Combines Doubles Runners-up: Nicole Methven & Ryan Pringle

Intermediate Boys Winner: Jadin Johnston
Intermediate Boys Runner-up: Josef Hardenbol

Intermediate Girls Winner: Alesi Molotii
Intermediate Girls Runner-up: Shayal Singh


Club Championship Plate Rounds

Mens Singles Winner: Chris Merlini
Mens Singles Runner-up: Gordon Glas

Mens Doubles Winners: Tim Tutu & Chris Merlini
Mens Doubles Runners-up: Gordon Glas & George Matthews

Ladies Doubles Winners: Deirdre Harding & Christine Lovrich
Ladies Doubles Runners-up: Nicole Upham & Raewyn Michaels


Club Handicap Competition Trophies

Mens Handicap Singles Winner: James Hughes
Mens Handicap Singles Runner-up: George Matthews

Mens Handicap Doubles Winners: Tim Tutu & Greg Upham
Mens Handicap Doubles Runners-up: Chris Merlini & Ken Tofa

Ladies Handicap Singles Winner: Donella Matthews
Ladies Handicap Singles Runner-up: Heidi Hughes

Ladies Handicap Doubles Winners: Heidi Hughes & Beryl Devery
Ladies Handicap Doubles Runners-up: Karyn Epskamp & Deirdre Harding

Handicap Combines Winners: Jadin Johnston & Nicole Upham
Handicap Combines Runners-up: Gordon Glas & Deirdre Harding


Club Handicap Plate Rounds

Mens Handicap Singles Winner: Anil Singh
Mens Handicap Singles Runner-up: Chris Merlini

Mens Handicap Doubles Winners: James Hughes & Jadin Johnston
Mens Handicap Doubles Runners-up: Josef Hardenbol & George Matthews

Ladies Handicap Doubles Winners: Suzanne Florian & Maxine Tipa
Ladies Handicap Doubles Runners-up: Fiona Kemp & Christine Lovrich

Handicap Combines Winners: Chris Merlini & Raewyn Michaels
Handicap Combines Runners-up: Josef Hardenbol & Christine Lovrich



Beginner Girls Winner: Poppy Magnus
Beginner Girls Runner-up: Hannah Lovrich

Beginner Boys Winner: Bailey Gaughan
Beginner Boys Runner-up: Luke Lovrich


11 Year Boys Singles Winner: T.J. Devery
11 Year Boys Singles Runner-up: Junior Tutu

11 Year Boys Doubles Winners: T.J. Devery & Ethan Gordon-Stables
11 Year Boys Doubles Runners-up: Junior Tutu & Jack Colthart


13 Year Girls Singles Winner: Megan Pringle
13 Year Girls Singles Runner-up: Tianna Creevey

13 Year Boys Singles Winner: Ben Bennett
13 Year Boys Singles Runner-up: Nicholas Epskamp

13 Year Boys Doubles Winners: Ben Bennett & Logan Kemp
13 Year Boys Doubles Runners-up: T.J. Devery & Junior Tutu


15 Year Girls Singles Winner: Shayal Singh
15 Year Girls Singles Runner-up: Maddison Matthews

15 Year Boys Singles Winner: Kent Upham
15 Year Boys Singles Runner-up: Logan Kemp

15 Year Girls Doubles Winners: Y. H.& Rubee-Leigh Poata
15 Year Girls Doubles Runners-up: Paige Topia & Maddison Matthews

15 Year Boys Doubles Winners: Kent Upham & Cameron Banks
15 Year Boys Doubles Runners-up: Callum Kemp & Ben Epskamp


Most Improved Beginner Girl: Eva Colthart
Most Improved Beginner Boy: Jack Colthart

Most Improved Junior Girl: Shayal Singh
Most Improved Junior Boy: Logan Kemp

Best Interclub Performance Girl: Megan Pringle
Best Interclub Performance Boy: Ethan Gordon-Stables

General Excellence Girl: Paige Topia
General Excellence Boy: Jacob Voordouw

MacDonald Shield: James Hughes