Prizegiving 2016

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Congratulations to all of winners at our Prizegiving 2016.

On Sunday 15 May 2016, we have organized traditional prize giving event to award winners and runners up of 2015/16 club competitions.

Junior Club Champs

11 yr & under Boys Singles Winner Josiah Bain,  Runner up Niko Smith
11 yr & under Boys Doubles Winners Josiah Bain & Devon Greentree, Runners up Sam Diack & Luke Diack

13 & under Boys Singles Winner Petar Zdravkovic,  Runner up Stefan Alexander

15 yr & under Girls Singles Winner Tiana Creevey, Runner up Zoe Creevey

15 yr & under Boys Singles Winner TJ Devery,  Runner up Travis Johnston
15 yr & under Boys Doubles Winners TJ Devery & Travis Johnston, Runners up Stefan Zdravkovic & Petar Zdravkovic

Intermediate Girls Singles Winner Emilie Taylor, Runner up Zoe Creevey
Intermediate Girls Doubles Winners Zoe Creevey & Emilie Taylor, Runners up Courtney Dawson & Tiana Creevey

Intermediate Boys Singles Winner Ben Bennett, Runner up Nick Eskcamp
Intermediate Boys Doubles Winners Ben Bennett & Nick Eskcamp, Runners up TJ Devery & Travis Johnston

Coaches Choice Awards Winners: Millie Dawson, Lily Solomon, Devin Logie, Sam Diack & Harrison Chapman

Most points in interclub Girl Zoe Creevey
Most points in interclub Boy Ben Bennett

General Excellence Girl Courtney Dawson
General Excellence Boy TJ Devery


Senior Sportsmanship: Amy James
MacDonald Shield: Chris Brown
Senior interclub Womens: Bre Johnson
Senior interclub Mens: Josh Mays


Mens Singles: Scott McCamish, Runner up: Will Flavell, Plate winner: Gavin Shepherd
Ladies Singles: Bre Johnson, Runner up: Amy James, Plate winner: Emilie Taylor

Mens Doubles: Josh Mays & David King,  Runners up: Mark Rosser & Gavin Shepherd
Ladies Doubles: Fiona Hobbs & Bre Johnson,  Runners up: Kylie Fangupo & Suzanne Florian
Combines Doubles: Helen Goodhew & Will Flavell,  Runners up: Sarah Mays & Josh Mays, Plate winner: Emilie Taylor & Chris Stewart


Men’s Handicap Singles: Will Flavell,  Runner up: Josh Mays, Plate winner: Chris Stewart
Ladies Handicap Singles: Kylie Fangupo,  Runner up: Chelsea Tidswell, Plate winner: Fiona Hobbs

Mens Handicap Doubles: Josh Mays & Ben Bennett,  Runners up: Rhys Innes-Jones & Chris Merlini
Ladies Handicap Doubles: Fiona Hobbs & Beryl Devery,  Runners up: Bre Johnson $ Christine Lovrich, Plate winners: Kylie Fangupo & Audrey Willey

Combines Handicap Doubles: Fiona Kemp & Chris Stewart,  Runners up: Fiona Hobbs & Rhys Innes-Jones, Plate winners: Tracy Thomson & Les Mays