Prizegiving 2017

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Congratulations to all of winners at our Prizegiving ceremony this year. On Sunday 21 May 2017, we organized a traditional prize giving event to award winners and runners up of 2016/17 club competitions.


Junior Club Champs

Under 15 Girls singles
Winner: Zoe Creevey,  Runner up: Tianna Creevey.
Intermediate Girls singles
Winner: Emilie Taylor, Runner up: Zoe Creevey.

Under 11 Boys Singles
Winner: Sam Diack, Runner Up: Josiah Bain,
Under 11 Boys Doubles
Winners:  Sam Diack and Luke Diack, Runners Up: Josiah Bain and Niko Smith

Most points in Interclub matches

Under 15 Girls
Total overall most points= Courtney Dawson

Under 11 Boys
Shared between Niko Smith and Devon Greentree

Under 16 Boys
Callum Campbell-Ross


General Excellence awards

Boys - Josiah Bain -  Josiah is a very committed team member and always takes his tennis seriously.  He loves his tennis and is very competitive and always puts his heart and soul into each game.
Girls - Tianna Creevey - Tianna has not only stepped up her own tennis game this year through hard work, she is a great ambassador for the club as she is  always fair and  compliments her opponent and she always keeps a cool head


Best players from each training session

mini Red Monday - Hazel Masters-King
mini Orange Monday - William Harris
yellow group Monday - Callum Campbell-Ross  and Travis Jonhston
yellow group Tuesday - All 4 girls: Tiana Creevey, Zoe Creevey, Courtney Dawson and Haylee Whittaker
mini Blue Saturday - Katherine  Brylevskaya
red Saturday - George Fisk
orange Saturday - Daniel Breen and Max McCulloch
green Saturday - Devin Logie


Womens Handicap Singles
Winner: Courtney Dawson
Runner Up: Bre Johnson

Womens Handicap Doubles New trophy
Winners: Fiona Hobbs + Heather McNair
Runners Up: Breanne Johnson + Kylie Fangupo

Mens Handicap Singles
Winner: Robert Meakins
Runner Up: Chris Stewart

Mens Handicap Doubles
Winners: Greg Upham + Miro Bilinski
Runners Up: Will Flavell + Josef Hardenbol

Combined Handicap Doubles
Winners: Fiona Hobbs + Robert Meakins
Runners Up: Heather McNair + Will Flavell

Womens Club Champs Singles
Winner: Bre Johnson
Runner up: Amy James
Plate: Helen Goodhew

Womens Club Champs Doubles
Winners: Fiona Hobbs + Bre Johnson
Runners Up: Helen Goodhew + Suzanne Florian
Plate: Sarah Mays + Courtney Dawson

Mens Club Champs Singles
Winner: Will Flavell
Runner Up: Miro Bilinski

Mens Club Champs Doubles
Winners: Will Flavell +Josef Hardenbol
Runners Up: Josh Mays + Les Mays

Combined Club Champs Doubles
Winner: Suzanne Florian +Robert Meakins
Runners Up: Nicole Upham + Greg Upham
Plate: Amy James + Josef Hardenbol

Senior Interclub
Womens: Bre Johnson
Mens: Chris Stewart

Senior Sportspersonship
Winner: Bre Johnson

MacDonald Shield
Winner: Helen Diack
Life Membership
Suzanne Florian

Mens 9 Interclub Winners
Josef Hardenbol, Robert Meakins, Chris Stewart, Rhys Innes-Jones