About this course

Sun, 07 Jul 2024

15:00 - 17:00

8 - 11 years old



Jake Thompson


What can you expect?

At the Orange stage, children learn the rules & scoring to play the game from serve & return. Coaches will support children to grow their motor skills (orientation, hand-eye coordination, running & moving) to play in a dynamic environment. At the Orange stage children will increase proficiency, problem-solving skills & learn sportsmanship.

Notes from the coach

Our Hot Shots competitions align with the Hot Shots Tennis philosphy and player development stages of Hot Shots. These competitions cater for children in the red, orange and green stages of the Hot Shots programme, providing a fun environment for players to put into practice all the skills they have learnt in their coaching sessions.

Hot Shots Competitions  are designed to:

  • Be time friendly (start and finish times within 3-hours)
  • Create the best environments by using appropriate sized courts, slower balls and shorter racquets
  • Use appropriate scoring systems through shorter multi-match formats and simple scoring formats
  • Recognise effort and participation over outcome or results

Players can expect lots of matches and as it's a Wimbledon themed event, expect some English activities too! 

Need more information?

Coach: Jake Thompson

Email: office@tennisnorthern.co.nz

Phone: 09414 5530

Where to find us

Albany Tennis Park
321 oteha valley road,, albany, AUCKLAND 0632

Course unavailable

Course unavailable