Becoming a club member

Takapuna Tennis Club offers a range of membership options.   

Membership allows you to book on-line and be issued with a pin code to access the tennis courts (including evening play where the lights will come on automatically for your booking time).

A key tag (optional)  to access the clubhouse and tennis courts costs $30 - one time payment.  (Please note that a court key will only be issued to seniors and juniors aged 14 years or older).


2024/25 Memberships  available  on-line now (membership through to 31 August 2025).  JOIN ON-LINE BELOW.  

24 May 2024

2024/2025 Early Bird Membership now available.  Join now and receive up to 2 months membership free.  2024/25 membership expire 31 August 2025.   


Reduced rates do not apply to existing members who had an active membership as at 31 August 2024.


Normal full year membership rates below for existing members as st 31 August 2024:  

Tennis Hot Shots (5-8 yrs old)  - includes coaching*   $210
Junior (under 19 yrs) - includes coaching* $210
Student (under 25 with ID) $260
Senior $415
Super Senior (aged 70+) $325
Super Senior (aged 80+) $220
Family Membership (Max. 2 Seniors, any number juniors) $835
Hot Shots Parent (Non-playing senior member) $55
Access Key** (1 time payment) $30

*Tennis Hot Shots and Junior membership fees include approximately 16 weeks of Saturday morning tennis coaching over the summer months.  Satruday morning junior coaching has finished for the season.  Junior coaching will commence again in September 2024.

** A access key tag (cost $30) is required to unlock  the clubhouse.  Otherwise, you can create a log-on to the court booking system which will  provide you with pin code access to the tennis courts for your court booking time.     

Interclub Fees

An additional senior interclub fee is payable by interclub players ($7 per singles game played/$5 per doubles game played). Interclub fees are collected by team captains over the interclub season.

Junior interclub fee is $30  for season.


Email Richard on with any questions.


1. 2024/25 Senior

25/05/2024 - 31/08/2025

Senior Membership to 31 August 2025

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2. 2024_25 Super Senior 70 yrs +

25/05/2024 - 31/08/2025

Super Senior Membership (70yrs+) to 31 August 2025

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3. 2024_25 Super Senior 80yrs +

25/05/2024 - 31/08/2025

Super Senior Member (80yrs+) to 31 August 2025

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4. 2024_25 Junior/Hotshot

25/05/2024 - 31/08/2025

2024_25 Junior or Hotshot membership to 31 August 2025. Age 5 yrs to 18 yrs. Hotshots are aged 5 to 8 yrs. Includes Saturday morning coaching during term 3/term 4 (approximately 16 weeks of coaching)

Eligibility: Age 5 years to 18 years only.

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5. 2024_25 Student

25/05/2024 - 31/08/2025

2024_25 Student Membership to 31 August 2025. Age 19 years to 24 years (you may be asked to provide student ID to confirm student status)

Eligibility: Age 19 years to 24 years (you may be asked to provide student ID to confirm student status)

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6. 2024_25 Family

25/05/2024 - 31/08/2025

2024_24 Family membership (Max. 2 adults). All members must reside at the same residential address.

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7. Hotshots Parent

25/05/2024 - 31/08/2025

Hotshots Parent Membership - allows a parent to use the courts to hit up with their hotshot member (junior aged 5 to 8 years)

Eligibility: Court access key is additional cost

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