About Us

How We Operate 

Tennis Otago has a Board of eight volunteers who each oversee a different aspect of the organisation e.g., finance, communications and marketing, facilities, sport development and delivery. The board meets monthly, while the AGM is held annually in July. 

We have a Business Manager who is contracted for 30 hours per week while our Financial Administrator is contracted for 12 hours. They both operate out of the offices at the Stevenson Tennis Centre, 33 Logan Park Drive, Dunedin. Regular funding applications are made to support these roles. 

Because of the importance of running and hosting successful tournaments we financially support a Tournament Director, based on hourly rate for the running of each tournament. 


Our Role  

Our role is to provide the governance of Tennis Otago, to ensure it is well managed by setting the strategic direction and overseeing the overall organizational performance underpinned by a moral and social responsibility.   


Our Vision  

Tennis is a thriving sport with opportunities for players to have the tennis experience they want.


Our Mission   

To promote and grow tennis and to enable people to access and play tennis in the way they want.



Our Values  

Openness - Trust - Respect - Wellbeing - Teamwork  

Through our values:  

We must work as a team and not in isolation.  

How we behave/work/communicate will:  

- also be reflected within the tennis community and ultimately the success of our clubs/schools;  

- allow us to be noticed by Tennis New Zealand and recognised as leading the way.  

How our players behave on and off the court will help establish a recognised and unique brand for Tennis Otago.