ITF Seniors Various Events

Since 1981 fourteen diffrent countries over five continents have played host to the ITF Seniors World Individual Championships showing the true international nature of the sport.   The message of seniors tennis is that it is never too late to start to enjoy the game.

The ITF World Individual Championships is the most coveted individual event on the ITF Seniors circuit.   Since its inception in 1981, the number of competitors attracted to this event has increased year on year.   ITF Seniors have recently introduced two new age groups (30+ and 90+).   The Individual Championships will now be played in five year steps from 30+ to 90+.

The ITF Seniors World Team Championships is usually played on a round robin basis, followed by a knockout in the later stages to give final placing's for all teams.   The team competitions form the basis of seniors tennis on a worldwide level and played in five year steps from 35+ up to 85+.

Age groups are:
Young Seniors:   30+ to 45+ years
Seniors:                  50+ to 60+ years
Super Seniors:    65+ to 90+ years

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