Booking & Playing

  • Book your tennis court through our online system Frello at before coming to play. It's easy and quick!  You will need to create or have an account in Frello to do this.  You will be provided with instructions on how to book and access the tennis courts.   
  • When you arrive at the courts, you will need to enter the gate using an access key (Fob) which is issued to club members if requested at a one time cost of $20.   Email us at email: to order a Fob and deposit the fee into our bank acccount - account name:  BEACH HAVEN TENNIS CLUB, account number: 01-0113-0062996-00  (when paying, please clearly identify the member(s) name and reference "Fob").
  • Since the fobs are personalised, the fob will be de-activated after you terminate your membership, please return your fob to the club, IT CAN BE RE-USED.
  • The access key fob will open the gates to the courts, including the one in between the Beach Haven Tennis Club terrace and the Council public courts terrace. It will also open the door to the club house so you can access the toilets and top up your water bottle.
  • To open the electronically closed door or gate just hold the fob in front of the key pad, there will be two beeps and the door or gate will unlock.
  • Enter the clubroom using your access key fob. 
  • All players in the booking check-in at the Frello kiosk on the clubroom wall.  The lights for evening play will turn on and off automatically based on your booking.

Any questions or issues, please email us at: