Elmwood Tennis Club Coach Sam Keenan caters to all ages and levels of play, from novice to advanced.  Sam is a vastly experienced coach with a very personable style. Your tennis will improve whether you are just beginning the game, returning to tennis or are competing at an elite level.

Sam offers organised, scheduled coaching programmes at both junior and senior level, as well as personalised private lessons.

Contact Sam directly to book your coaching sessions.

Sam Keenan  ph: 022 367 7905    email:

TERM 2 Winter Coaching!!

As the season draws to a close this does not mean put your rackets down for six months! Addressing technical issues is far easier in the off season than during the season as you are not playing as many matches. When you are put under pressure during matches you revert back to your old habits, this makes it harder to change your technique during the season. Tennis is a repetition/practice sport so the more you play the faster you improve. 

BEGINS April 29 and runs for 9 weeks allowing one week for rain.

If you would like more than one session a week, please contact Sam

Private lesson and private groups are also available on request.

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