2022 Open Championships

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The club's 2022 Open Championships were played predominantly over the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 April with three matches being played on the Friday evening.   The weather over the weekend was pleasant throughout with no lost time due to rain.   

The Championships attracted entries from 33 members for the five events (men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles) and it was possible to complete all the main draw and most of the consolation draw matches within the weekend.   As at Tuesday 12 April, only three consolation final matches remain to be played.     

Club Captain. Rosstan Mazey, used Tournament Planner (TP) to run the events, with entries being made largely on-line and TP's programme making the event draws once provided with all current Match Hub rankings.    TP also schedules matches over the three courts given an estimate of average match duration.   

The format chosen for all matches was best of three sets, the first two being conventional advantage sets with tiebreakers and the third set a super tiebreaker.    A sudden death point was played on the second deuce to move games along.   

The tennis over the five events was of a high standard and many matches, including two of the main draw finals, were decided by the third set tiebreaker.     Nathan Storey won the men's singles by defeating Warren Fraser 12-10 in the 3rd set.    Similarly, Wendy Thompson and Tricia Will won the women's doubles by defeating Pip Groom and Sally Marett 15-13 in the 3rd set.        

For the record, the results of the main and consolation events to date are as follows:

Men's Singles 

Winner: Nathan Storey 

Runner-up:  Warren Fraser  

Men's Singles (Consolation) 

Winner: Seth Campbell

Runner-up: William Reiterer 

Women's Singles

Winner: Tricia Will 

Runner-up: Mira Trifunovic

Women's Singles (Consolation) 

Winner: Jenny Sparks 

Runner-up: Greta Mazey

Men's Doubles 

Winners: Rosstan Mazey & Simon Ross

Runners-up: Marc & Theo Piercy  

Men's Doubles (Consolation)



Women's Doubles:

Winners: Wendy Thompson & Tricia Will

Runners-up: Pip Groom & Sally Marett 

Women's Doubles (Consolation)

Winners: Liz Johnson & Mira Trifunovic

Runners-up: Megan Healy & Jenny Sparks 

Mixed Doubles 

Winners: Rosstan and Greta Mazey 

 Runners-up: John Hughes and Mira Trifunovic 

Mixed Doubles (Consolation)