2021 Junior Club Championships

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The 2021 Junior Club Championships were successfully held over the Waitangi Day weekend of 5, 6 and 7 February.    Other than some light rain spotting on Friday evening, the weather remained fine and relatively calm and allowed all events to be completed by 1500 hours on Sunday afternoon with the rain day of Monday not being required.    Mark Storey, as in the last two previous years, very ably ran the tournament using Tournament Planner.    There were 26 participants from our junior members, most of whom competed in more than one event, and a total of 47 matches were played over the three days.

The standards of tennis and sportmanship were high and it was pleasing to see many parents supporting their children during their matches.      

Results of the events were as follows:

10U Boys Singles

Winner: Wilder Campbell

Runner-up: Ryan Frost

12U Boys Singles

Winner: Ethan Pryor

Runner-up: Yasha Potanin

14U Boys Singles

Winner: Gethyn Healy

Runner-up: Robbie Fear

Open Boys singles

Winner: Nathan Storey

Runner-up: Gethyn Healy

10U Girls Singles

Winner: Alyona Elshout

Runner-up: Yelena Andrievska      

12U Girls Singles

Winner: Harriet Mazey

Runner-up: Alyona Elshout

Girls Doubles

Winners: Alisa Elshout & Eva Kant

Runners-up: Alyona Elshout & Harriet Mazey

Open Doubles

Winners: Robbie Fear & Gethyn Healy

Runners-up: Adam Storey & Alisa Elshout