2022 Junior Club Championships

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The club held its 2022 Junior Club Championships over the weekend of 2 and 3 April in fine pleasant weather conditions.   Mark Storey, Tournament Director, received 45 entries from 29 players, which resulted in his scheduling 49 singles and doubles matches in total.   

Regrettably, few girls entered events this year so there were no mixed doubles events as such.  However, Elsa Pryor played with Nathan Storey in the Gold Doubles event.   Elsa was the deserved runner-up in the Boys and Girls 10U event.  

The matches were generally well contested with the format of best of three sets with the third set a tiebreaker.  This made for more interest and many matches were decided by the third set.

The quality of the semi-finals and finals was high with many rallies of the Open Boys final between Nathan Storey and Gethyn Healy reaching Premier match standard.   With so many junior members improving their standard of tennis, the future of the club’s interclub performances looks to be assured.  

The results of the various events (main and consolation draws) are as follows:

Boys and Girls 10U

Winner: Wilder Campbell

Runner-up: Elsa Pryor

Boys & Girls 10U Consolation

Winner: Haoyuan Gu

Runner-up: Isaac Mishkin

Girls 12U

Winner: Alyona Elshout

Runner-up: Elsa Pryor

Boys 12U

Winner: Ethan Pryor

Runner-up: Vinnie Mattlin

Boys 12U Consolation

Winner: Caleb Jourdain

Runner-up: Flynn Brown

Boys 14U

Winner: Gethyn Healy

Runner-up: Max Mitchell

Boys 14U Consolation

Winner: Nicholas Joyce

Runner-up: Silas Campbell

Boys Open

Winner: Gethyn Healy

Runner-up: Nathan Storey

Boys Open Consolation

Winner: Ethan Pryor

Runner-up: Max Mitchell

Doubles Gold

Winners: Robbie Fear & Gethyn Healy

Runners-up: Oli Hercus & Max Mitchell

Doubles Silver

Winners: Flynn Brown & Bailey Pearson-Harkness

Runners-up: Ryan Frost & Will Huntingdon