2021 Combined Junior Tournament

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Following the very successful pre-season tournament among the juniors of Karori United, Karori Lawn and Talavera Tennis Clubs in 2020, it was decided to organise a similar one in 2021.    This was scheduled for Sunday 26 September and entries were high with the tournament again being held in Gold, Silver and Bronze divisons.    With only 8 juniors in the Gold division,  the singles and most of the doubles matches were played at Talavera club with its two courts.   The singles matches  in the Silver division (16 entries) were played on Karori Lawn's three courts and the Bronze singles (13 entries) and doubles and all remaining Gold and Silver matches were played at Karori United's three courts.

Rain had been forecast for the afternoon but, fortunately, apart from some heavy drops in the late afternoon, did not disrupt the matches.    Karori United had its barbecue in operation during the day to keep the players there supplied with hot dogs and bacon.   

The three clubs thank Thump Sports for its generous donation of $20 discount vouchers for each of the division singles and doubles winners in each of the separate divisions plus cans of balls and grip tapes for minor prizes. 

The results of the tournament were as follows:

Gold Division

Singles winner: Ethan Pryor (KUTC)

Singles runner-up: Nathan Storey (KUTC)

Doubles winners: Alice and Elizabeth Whitaker (Talavera TC) 

Doubles runners-up:  Ben Birkett and Nathan Storey (KUTC) 


Silver Division

Singles winner: Oli Hercus (KUTC) 

Singles runner-up: Wilder Campbell (KUTC) 

Doubles winners: Silas Campbell and Caleb Jourdain (KUTC)

Doubles runners-up: Zara Robertson and Holly White (Talavera TC)


Bronze Division

Singles winner: Caleb Jourdain (KUTC) 

Singles runner-up: James Whitaker (KUTC) 


Perseverance Award: Willliam Reiterer (KUTC)   

Spirit of Tennis and Enthusiasm Award: Elsa Pryor (KUTC) 

Longest Rally Award:  Max Mitchell and Robbie Fear v Alice and Elizabeth Whitaker