2022 Over 40s Tournament

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The club’s Over 40s Tournament for 2022 was played over the morning of Saturday 30 April and all-day Sunday 1 May with a view to avoiding the cramming of all the matches for three events into one day.   This worked well as the number of entries for the mixed doubles was a record 17, necessitating a preliminary match to reduce the field to a standard 16.   Next year it may be desirable to restrict event entries on a first-come basis to a maximum of 16.   There were 8 entries in the men’s doubles and 9 entries in the women’s doubles.   First match losers were transferred to consolation events.     

The format used throughout was best of 13 games (first to 7 with a tie-break at 6-all if required) and a sudden death point on second deuce.  This moved the matches on although four of them needed to be decided by tie-break. 

The weather was kind on Saturday, but it was windy on Sunday, which was a good excuse for the occasional “fluffed” shot.   Otherwise, the scheduling went smoothly, despite the necessity of having to include a couple of unscheduled matches in the consolation events.    This upset the estimated match times and the last tournament match, the mixed doubles consolation final, was completed under lights at 5.20 pm, rather later than scheduled.

Several pairs received little rest between matches as winning often meant playing another match immediately afterwards.  In particular, Susie Tocker had 5 matches in a row on Sunday as she played in the women’s doubles consolation event up to the final (which she won with Mira Trifunovic) and then immediately had to play three consecutive mixed doubles matches.  It is a tribute to Susie’s supreme fitness than she comfortably lasted the distance.

It appeared from remarks of participants during the tournament that they enjoyed their matches and taking part in one or two of the events.  From the club’s point of view, it was great that so many of our “more mature” members entered in the events.      

For the record, the tournament results were as follows:

Men’s Doubles

Winners: Rodney Moon & Adam Pryor

Runners-up: Seth Campbell & Marc Piercey

Men’s Doubles Consolation

Winners: Barrie Lucas & Simon Richardson  

Runners-up: Tim Brosnahan & Richard Yuschik   

Women’s Doubles

Winners: Wendy Thompson & Tricia Will

Runners-up: Janina Pawlak & Glenda van Drimmelen-Craven

Women’s Doubles Consolation

Winners: Susie Tocker & Mira Trifunovic

Runners-up: Jan Henderson & Liz Johnson

Mixed Doubles

Winners: Tricia Will & Rosstan Mazey

Runners-up: Glenda van Drimmelen-Craven & Kevin Wilson

Mixed Doubles Consolation

Winners: Sharon Cottrell & John Hughes  

Runners-up: Janina Pawlak & Marc Piercey