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Corporate Branding


As the Club land is leased from Wellington City Council, there are restrictions on the placement, size, and content of corporate sponsorship signs. For more information see the WCC District Plan section (Open Space Rules - Permanent Signs) and WCC Suburban Reserves Management Plan section 4.4.6 clauses (b), (c), (d). The club will work with sponsors who wish have court-side corporate branding to meet these restrictions but also have meaningful corporate information.

  • Sign size: Limited to 1 square metre. Preferred dimensions TBC - 1414x707mm (w x h).
  • Sign location: Must be viewable from within the club only. The sign is not able to face the road but can face people as they enter the club.
  • Sign height: Top edge at 2.5m (TBC) above court so as not to impact on neighbours. 
  • Fastening: Secured to fence with bolts and back-plates or wire-ties.
  • Material:  Heavy duty corrugated PVC (corflute) or aluminium (TBC).
  • Content: The sign should be relevant to the tennis activities occuring at the club. This may be satisfied for example by including the words Kilbirnie Tennis Club prominently in the sign - such as "Kilbirnie Tennis Club proudly sponsored by <sponsor>".
  • WCC Approval. Final approval of the sign is required by WCC as landowner. The club will work with WCC and the sponsor to achieve this.