OTH rules and instructions

OTH rules and instructions

Following are some rules and instructions designed to make the day run more smoothly and for your experience to be more enjoyable.

Scoring Format

Matches are one set to 9.

If the score is 8 – 8, the match is decided with a tiebreaker - best of 7.

We play sudden-death deuce.  This means when the game gets to deuce, it is decided by a single point.  In the Men's and Women's doubles, the receiving team gets to choose who the server serves to.  In mixed doubles, men serve to men, women to women.


Once entries are in and confirmed, the draws for the first two rounds will be posted on the Tournament Planner website for Saturday’s Men's and Women's doubles.  The rest of the matches will be scheduled as results become available.  This will be regularly updated on the Tournament Planner website.  We also plan to display the match schedules on a TV in the clubrooms so you can track when your next match is scheduled, and you will be able to follow through the Tournament Planner website on your smartphone.

Sunday’s mixed doubles schedule will be published on the Tournament Planner website on Saturday evening.

Players will be given a minimum rest time of 20 minutes between matches.

Players will get a minimum of 3 matches per day.

If you lose your first match you go in to the Plate Draw. If you lose your second match you will then go in to the Consolation Draw.


Please contact our tournament organiser if at any point you need to withdraw from the tournament.

Ed Wilke - 0224200244.


5 minutes per match.  We have a busy schedule of matches so please help by sticking to the 5 minutes for your warm-up, and move quickly to the court when your match is announced.  We will have a roving official enforcing this.

Check-in Time

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before you are due to play your first match, so you have time to complete your registration.

Entry Fees

If you have not already paid online, please pay at registration either by EFTPOS or cash.


Dependent on match times, we hope to start the prize-giving no later than 7pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.