Club shirts

Due to the ongoing success of our competitive teams, the committee feels it's about time we reintroduced team shirts for the club again. In collaboration with Dusty & Lulu, we have come up with two options for you to choose from, a classic look and more modern style. 

Indicative prices for the shirts are: Polo $47; Singlet $37

Here is the size guide for the shirts:

The shirts are not compulsory for teams, but we are encouraging players to wear them if they can. Of course, they are stylish casual wear for social players too. 

The shirts are ordered from overseas so we need to get the first order in as soon as possible. We plan to send the order by the  end of September. We don't need payment now - we will arrange that later. What we need now is your order of quantity and size and whether you want the polo or singlet style. Email us with your order now