History of the Spreydon Tennis Club

In a well attended meeting, held in the Coronation Hall (Domain Terrace) in July of 1922, Mr. George Wear, unanimously confirmed a motion moved by Mr. Elms and seconded by Mr. S. C. Thomas, “That a tennis club be formed”.

The following officers were elected:

Patron                            Hon. R. H. Rhodes

President                       Mr. G. Wear

Vice-Presidents            W. Fenner, W. Smith, F. E. Elms, C. Witty, M. Voss, E. W. Howard, Mrs Bloor,

Mr. Stan Thomas

Treasurer                        Mr. S. C. Thomas

Secretary                        Mr L. Comer

Committee                     Mrs E. Elms, Mrs. Courtenay, Mr. Lester, Miss Williamson, Miss Bloor,

Miss Edwards Miss Merritt, Mr. Merritt, Mrs. Beaufort, Miss E. Thomas

The club approached the Spreydon Domain Board, asking for the use of two courts at the western end of the park in Domain Terrace for the coming season.

Subscriptions were: Gents £1.10, Ladies 10/6, Juniors 5/6

At an Annual Meeting, held in Coronation Hall on Monday 28th August, 1922, the name of the Club was agreed and the Spreydon Lawn Tennis Club became a fact.

The first Opening Day was Saturday, November 4 1922 with a dance in the Coronation Hall that night. An orchestra provided the necessary music.

The same year, the club affiliated with the Canterbury Tennis Lawn Association.

Founding Membership - 1922/1923 Season


Membership: 45 Ladies, 34 Men, 9 Juniors

Fees: Ladies 10/6, Men £1.10, Juniors 5/6

President: Mr. G. Wear, Patron: R. H. Rhodes

Rule: Any member bringing a dog on club premises will be liable to a fine of 2/6 for each offence.


The committee instructed the Secretary to write to the Spreydon Domain Board and apply for a further court because the membership had grown so large. It was also decided to approach the Bowling Club to discuss the building of a joint pavilion.

About the same time the Club entered its first team in the Suburban Competitions.


It was decided to enter an additional team in the competitions.


The committee accepted a tender for sealing the sides and back of court no. 4 and back of court no. 1 and also for topdressing court no. 2.

Friendly matches were arranged with other clubs and in particular, Darfield Club.


Additions to Pavilion: Tenders close September 6th, 1934.

Successful Tenderer – Sharpe Bros., Fendalton, for £65 and 3 weeks to complete alterations.


Treasurers Report: Balance £22.15.11


The AGM decided, because of the law club membership, not to affiliate with the Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association.


Membership: Ladies 31, Men 23.

President: Mr. C. N. Fox

Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association affiliation fees 10/6 for club with under 25 members, others £1.1.0 per 50 members.

Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association, A Grade Competition

Men:                                        Ladies:

  1. Wardell                                 Miss E. Moore
    M. Milner                                  Miss M. Paul
    C. Shirley                                 Miss E. Croft
  2. Riseley                                 Miss M. Moore


Entry fee: £1.15.0

The names of subscription defaulters were registered with the Sport Protection Association and if you didn’t pay your subs with the club you played for, then left, you couldn’t join another club.


Spreydon Club resigned from the Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association due to male members being away in active service. Sir. R. M. McFarlane KCMG, Mayor of Christchurch also Vice-President of the Club. Annual Dance held at the Spreydon School, entrance 1/6.


President: Mr. McIlraith

Canvassed schools for Junior members.


In September  the Spreydon Bowling Club wrote to the Club regarding water rates, suggested to go halves as they have been paying the full amount up until then. In November, Application to rationing Officer for supply of tea and sugar for club members, refreshments refused.


Spreydon School ex-pupils Association wanted 3 representatives from the club to discuss entertainment of recently returned servicemen of our district at present on furlough.


The Club re-affiliated with the Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association on September 25th. Applied to City Council for reduction in rent – it was refused.


A heavy snowfall in August did considerable damage to the courts and fences and the amount of approximately £309 required for repairs placed the Club’s finances in a precarious position.


The Club again disaffiliated with the Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association in order to help the Club’s finances.


The Club again affiliated with the Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association.


Tresurers Report: Balance £95.10.4

£10 donation from Mrs McIlraith for trophies as a memorial to the late Mr McIlraith, our President for a number of years.


The Club began a happy association with the South Christchurch Tennis Club (Sydenham) by entering teams in this Club’s night tennis competition.


President: Mr. W. J. D. Munro

Patron: Mr. M. A. Connelly, M.P.


Membership: Men 26, Ladies 31, Intermediate Boys 35, Intermediate Girls 34, Junior Boys 19, Junior Girls 33.

Affiliation fees to the Christchurch Lawn Tennis Association: Seniors 10/-, Intermediate 6/-, Juniors 2/-.


In May at a Special Meeting, the Club formally brought to fruition plans for re-siting and reconstruction of the Club’s  four courts. Considerable work had previously been done by a small sub-committee which dealt with technical details, courts, re-siting, drainage and construction methods. The Club during this period was extremely grateful to its capable President Mr. W. Munro who carefully guided the Club to its plans for court replacement.

At the AGM, the Club approved the new constitution which had been frist mooted some years before. In view of the considerable financial commitments to be faced in the very near future, the Club also became an Incorporated Society.

Kerbing was put in with the hard work of members – 106m of channelling and 91m of storm water drainage off the courts into the Heathcote River. Fencing was also altered.

At this stage the Club then possessed four courts with a “a smooth playing area second to none in Christchurch” and an area for a volley board.


President: Mr. Ian Harrison

Patron: Mr. M.A. Connelly, M.P.

Membership: Seniors 84, Juniors & Intermediate 136.


Club Championships:

Ladies singles: Mrs M. Miller
Mens singles: Mr. M. Morrison
Ladies H/c singles: Miss P. Gleeson

Mens H/c singles:Mr. M. Morrison

Ladies doubles: Mrs. M. Miller & Miss E. Chandler

Mens doubles: Mr. P. Andrews & Mr. M. Morrison

Ladies H/c doubles: Mrs. M. Miller & Miss P. Gleeson

Mens H/c doubles: Mr. M. Morrison & Mr. G. Templeton

Mixed doubles: Miss P. Gleeson & Mr. Morrison

Mixed H/c doubles: Mrs. N. Cullen & Mr. N. Curry


The Club received a letter from Davis Ogilvie & Partners, advising price of land to be purchased next to the Club.


The Committee asked the City Council to help with development of the Club but it was refused due to lack of finance. It was proposed to put new courts on land acquired.


At a special meeting it was voted to build a new clubhouse, rather than new courts. September, final payment on land. Money to be raised for building with “Buy a Block” donation.


On November 28th, the new clubrooms opened by his worship the Mayor of Christchurch, Sir Hamish Hay.


New low level lighting was installed on Court 1. The Council made a grant of $10,000 and the playing hours were extended until 10.30 pm. This followed protracted negotiations between the Club, the Council, and the club’s neighbours over the nigh lighting on Court 5, which were removed at the time of installing Court 1 lights. An official ‘turning on of the lights’ was held on Thursday night January 15th, 1990 with wine and cheese served at the clubrooms.


Membership: 70 Seniors, 27 Juniors

Subscription: Senior $140; MidWeek and Students $98; Juniors $61.