Minutes from the Tennis Otago AGM - 28 July 2022

Present: Fraser Richardson (Board), John Alexander (Board), Ahmad Abdul-Rahman (Board), Peter Drew (Board), Alessandro Pezzuto (Board), Gavin Mockford (Board), Margaret Borland (Life Member), Dennis Radford (Life Member), Peter Dick (Balmacewen), Sarah Stevenson (Balmacewen), Mat McCutcheon (Balmacewen), Paul Fitzgibbon (Cosy Dell), Peter Henderson (Cosy Dell), Sai Palagummi (Mornington), Cynthia Winkworth (Mornington), Keith Towns (Otago Seniors/Cosy Dell), Bailey Godkin (OUTA), Rose Abdul Aziz (OUTA/YAG), Dave Richards (Taieri), Marco Hartono (YAG), Lucas Wilde (YAG), Nora Paicu (YAG, Katie Duncan, George McLenaghen, Belinda Symons 

AGM Convened: 7:05pm

Apologies: Kavindra Wijenayeka (Board), Kim Everett (Board), Philip Mirfin (Andersons Bay), John Guthrie (Andersons Bay), Ian Moore (Cosy Dell), Lindsey Moore (Cosy Dell), Russell Hancox (Otago Seniors/Balmacewen),  Nicole McLaren (OSSSA), Hannah Hedges (OSSSA) 

Minutes of 2021 AGM:  The minutes of the 2021 AGM were accepted as a true and correct record.  Moved: Peter Henderson. Seconded: Sarah Stevenson 

A Moments Silence:  A moments silence was held to remember Sir Eion Edgar (Life Member) and Graeme Marsh 

Chair Report - Fraser Richardson:

Fraser welcomed new and familiar faces and thanked everyone for attending. 

The first half of the Chair’s report was prepared by Kim Everett (Chair from July - December 2021) and the second half by Fraser Richardson (Chair from January 2022 – present). 

Finances – TOI is now on a solid financial footing thanks to a combination of factors that have taken a lot of hard work and will continue to demand close management. Thanks especially to John Alexander for this.  

In the first two months of the new financial year, TOI has secured well over half of the annual budgeted grant funding. Thanks go to George McLenaghen for his efforts and skills in this area. 

Stage 2 Redevelopment – This will see a big push in the next two months to as a funding application will be submitted with the Lottery Community Facilities Fund in early September. Concept drawings are being finalised and a geotechnical survey has been carried out. Contractors have recently been asked to submit quotes. 

Board Changes – This year we are sad to have to say farewell to two of our Board members, Kim and Alessandro. Both Kim and Alessandro are personalities to be reckoned with and will be sorely missed.  

Thank you to George McLenaghen and Belinda Symons for their hard work this year. 

Treasurer's Report - John Alexander:

The audited financial reports for the year ended 30 April 2022 show a net deficit after depreciation of $8,060 compared to a surplus of $788,373 for the previous year.  

Last years’ surplus included grants and donations of $785,702 relating to Stage 1 of the Stevenson Tennis Centre Redevelopment.  

Backing this out of last years’ figures would have resulted in a small surplus of $2,671. On this basis, there has been a deterioration of $10,731 compared to last year. For comparative purposes, the following table provides a clearer picture: 

Excluding Stage 1 grants and donations, total revenue increased by $3,559 over 2021 while expenditure is up $14,290 on the 2021 results. 

Revenue Increase - Due to increased gate takings and rental from leasing car parks. Gate takings are up as a result of the on-line court booking and payment system and having ten new courts to play on.   

Grant Funding - Covid-19 impacted on our ability to secure grant funding from charitable trusts as there was less gaming revenue and the trusts were being inundated with applications. George has persevered and continues to submit applications to both existing and new trusts in 2022/23 with positive results. 

Covid-19 Resurgence Support - We had three successful applications and secured $9,304 from these.   

Event Income/Expenditure – This was down due to Covid-19 with certain events being either curtailed or cancelled, with the most notable being the Masters Games and the Otago Indoor Open. The effect on the result for the year was fairly neutral as event expenditure was also down.  

The increase in costs can be attributed to the increase in depreciation charge of $7,000 and employee related costs being up on last year by around $9,000. Costs are being kept under control but with inflationary pressures as they are, we have been notified that a number of our recurring costs will increase in 2022/23 and have allowed for this in the 2022/23 budget.   

Currently have approx. $120,000 in the bank. Some of this is earmarked for future events and Stage 2 of the Redevelopment. 

Our financial position is reasonably healthy as fund raising for Stage 2 of the redevelopment gets underway.  

$2,000 - $3,000 was saved by John preparing the accounts himself. The accounts did have to be audited but we do apply for funding to cover this. 


Paul Fitzgibbon (Cosy Dell) asked the following questions: 

What the total amount of depreciation was for the 2021/22 year?    $27,486 

Has a fund been set up for depreciation?     No, not yet. 

Of total revenue, how much was from grant funding?    About $45,000. Aiming for about $60,000 for the 2022/23 year. 

Proposed Affiliation & Team Fees for 2022/23 Season: 

Fraser advised that Tennis Otago would not be increasing its affiliation fees for the coming season. These have remained the same since the 2019/20 season. Tennis New Zealand is not increasing their affiliation fees either. 

It is proposed to increase team fees by about 6%. Inflation is high and TOI is facing increased costs from a number of suppliers.  

Fraser moved to adopt the proposed affiliation and team fees for the coming season. 

Seconded: Peter Drew. Carried  

Election of the Board:  

Kim Everett and Alessandro Pezzuto stood down and were thanked by Fraser, on behalf of the Board, for their service to Tennis Otago over the past two years. 

Ahmad Abdul-Rahman, Kavindra Wijenayeka and Peter Drew stood down, but offered themselves for re-election. 

This created five vacancies on the Board (the Constitution requires that at least four vacancies are created each year). 

John Alexander, Fraser Richardson and Gavin Mockford are half way through their two-year term.  

An application to join the Board was received from Katie Duncan. 

Given seven candidates were nominated to fill up to eight Board positions, no election was required.  

The Board members for 2022/23 are Fraser Richardson, John Alexander, Gavin Mockford, Ahmad Abdul-Rahman, Kavindra Wijenayeka, Peter Drew and Katie Duncan.  

Notice of Motion: None received.

General Business: 

Keith Towns (Seniors Tennis) asked if any dates have been set for calling for tenders for Stage 2. John Alexander said not yet, as this was a process that would be undertaken after funding had been secured, although two contractors have been asked to provide quotes for funding purposes. The scope of work for which quotes have been sought includes lighting, new court surfaces, fences etc. Prices of raw materials have increased substantially, for example, prices for fencing have increased about 30%.  

Paul Fitzgibbon (Cosy Dell) asked if the court surfaces for Stage 2 have been identified and finalised. Both John and Fraser stated that in order to receive funding from Lotteries, a substantial part of the Stage 2 court surfaces must be multi-purpose, which in practical terms means astroturf or similar. It is likely there will be four more hard courts and the rest multi-purpose (astro turf). The courts closest to the football fields and those closest to Harbour Terrace will be multi-use. Some more architectural drawings have been completed. John and Fraser have had discussions with: 


Otago Polytech 


University of Otago 

Netball Dunedin 

Pickleball NZ 

Football South (futsal) 

Fraser mentioned that proposed changes to the Constitution have been sent out to clubs. Kim Everett did a lot of work on these changes and TOI would like to get some feedback on them. There will be an online SGM in October to accept these proposed changes. One of the changes include whether the TOI Board should be made up of elected and appointed members. Currently our Board’s eight members are all elected, but this could be changed to six elected and two appointed. Other changes include updating the terminology used. If you want more information, please contact George. 

There will be an interclub meeting on Thursday 4 August at 6pm. 

The next Board meeting will be held straight after the interclub meeting. 

The Love Tennis Buzz Night is on Sunday 7th August. There are three participating clubs in Otago this year. 

Fraser Richardson thanked everyone for attending and invited them to stay for a tea, coffee or drink from the bar. 


Meeting Closed 7.47pm