Wairarapa Junior Development Programme

The Wairarapa Tennis Junior Development Programme is for players to further develop their game, compete in rep fixtures and be part of the Wairarapa junior rep team.  If you are interested in being part of the programme email wairarapatennis@gmail.com

Selection will done primarily on the grading of the players in each age group and involvement in Tournaments. The WTA Representative Selection Policy is available here for more detail on this process.

Wairarapa Development Coach:

Jacob Emery,  021 957 455,  jacob@premiertennis.co.nz  (read Jacob's bio here)

For administration and other enquiries please email wairarapatennis@gmail.com

Junior Development Program:

The program will consist of 10 sessions delivered through the season and leading into rep fixtures. Each session will focus on these key areas:

  • Doubles tactics
  • Singles point playing tactics and strategies for team competition
  • Physical conditioning and flexibility testing
  • Nutrition and hydration for athletes for representative events
  • Team warm up and warm down techniques
  • Psychological preparation, performance mindset and reflection

These are 6 key areas that will be taught and discussed at the junior rep squad trainings, as well as conducting drills and point play sessions amongst the players. Each session will be for 2 hours. It is an expectation that all players selected to the programme will attend each training session as well as continue to receive their own coaching.

The JDP will integrate with the Tennis NZ Athelete Development Pathway which all players and parents should have an understanding of.


There is a fee of $150 for the season that covers the coaches time, court hireage and administration. Travel and accommodation costs to fixtures will be additional to this, with group bookings done to minimise these costs.


All Representative players must play in the supplied playing shirt. Players are required to provide their own shorts/skirt and socks which must be Black or White. There is an optional Wairarapa Tennis hoodie which will be available for purchase. More details will be provided.

Key Dates:

  • Sun 1 Nov -  Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 8 Nov - Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 15 Nov -  Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 22 Nov - Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 29 Nov -  Manawatu Rep Fixture (TBC)    
  • 18-21 Dec  -  Hutt Valley Junior Open  Tier 3  
  • Sun 24 Jan  -   Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • 27-30 Jan  -  Kapiti Junior Open  Tier 3
  • Sun 31 Jan -  Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • 6-7 Feb  -  Wairarapa Junior Open    Tier 3
  • 13-14 Feb  -   Quad Rep Fixture    Manawatu
  • Sun 21 Feb  -   Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 28 Feb  -   Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 7 March  -  Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 14 March  -  Wairarapa JDP Training    
  • Sun 21 March  -   Hutt Valley Fixture   
  • Sun 27 March  -  Wairarapa Junior Closed    
  • 10-11 April  -  Tennis Central Teams Event    Renouf Tennis Centre
  • 18-21 April - Wellington Tier 2 Open Tournament