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COVID 19 UPDATE (Updated 1 May 2022)

Takapuna Tennis Club: COVID Settings 1 May 2022 

Now that the country has moved to the traffic light system (with Auckland currently at “Orange”), the Club has been considering what COVID operating settings, including CVC  [Covid Vaccination Card] status, we should adopt for use of our club facilities to comply with the  Governments framework for sporting activities. 

Luckily tennis as an outdoor sport has a low risk profile compared to indoor sports and there are also  ways of mitigating the risk of Covid spread through practising appropriate distancing, mask use,  hand sanitisation, scanning and more. 

It is noted that Tennis Northern has recently decided that all interclub [Junior & Senior] will proceed  without any mandate requiring Vaccination passports.  

The Committee has sought to develop a solution that minimises risk to players but allows the Club to  be as inclusive as possible. 

As we are a small Club, the people gathering numbers within the traffic light settings provide us with  options on the framework we can adopt for accessing the courts and/or clubhouse.  

From a health perspective, the clubhouse is the area that poses the most risk to members and  guests due to the enclosed space. 

The Committee has decided to initially implement a mixed model solution that minimises risk to  players but allows the Club to operate within the Governments guidelines.  

The key policy points are: 

1. The Courts are non-CVC for general, interclub and private use, so we do not require players  to be vaccinated. On-line court bookings are required to use courts. 

2. Club organised sessions: non vaccinated players may participate in our club nights but are  required to advise before playing their status to give the majority of players who will be  vaccinated the opportunity to decline partnering a non-vaccinated player. 

3. The Mid-week club may determine at their discretion the vaccination status they require. 4. The organisers of any club events can overlay specific attendance criteria for each event. 

The club house should only be accessed by Double vaccinated persons, with exceptions for Juniors requiring toilet access. In particular, we do not want the club house used for congregating while  waiting for players/ coaching to finish.  

The below guidance will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Committee and will be modified from  time to time to reflect guidance provided by the Government, Sport NZ and Tennis NZ as it pertains  to the game of tennis. A copy of the Club’s covid settings will be available from the Club website: 

The more detailed Club policy is outlined below:

Description Detailed Guidance

Outdoor Courts (non-club event) • Non-CVC status

• No restriction as 25-person limit will be satisfied (50 at orange)
• Use of Clubhouse not permitted unless double vaccinated (voluntary compliance)
• On-line court booking required.

Outdoor Courts (club days/nights/events)

• Non-CVC status
• Numbers restricted to max of 25 (red) or 50 (orange) (including spectators)

• Organisers of club events can voluntarily overlay specific attendance criteria for their gathering
• Use of Clubhouse not permitted unless double vaccinated (voluntary compliance but proof required
if asked by a committee member)
• Non vaccinated players to declare vaccination status

Clubhouse Access (generally)

• Access to clubhouse restricted to only double vaccinated persons (voluntary compliance);
• Gatherings in Clubhouse (at Red) not encouraged.
• Facemasks strongly encouraged (at Red),
• Must sanitise hands before entry,
• Windows/doors should be opened to maximise fresh air circulation.
• Junior members may access clubhouse to use toilets.

Interclub Matches

• NON-CVC -Tennis Northern

• Club requirement: All eligible players (senior or junior) encouraged to be vaccinated to minimise risk
to fellow players and team management
• Access to clubhouse restricted to only double vaccinated persons (voluntary compliance).

Junior Coaching – Saturday mornings

• Session numbers will be limited depending on traffic light level [12 juniors – Red; 18 Juniors – Orange]
• Attendance via pre-registration for specific sessions with 10-minute gap (at red and orange)
• Vaccinated helpers
• Toilet facilities open for use, but otherwise clubhouse closed for mingling (at red and orange)