Upcoming Tournaments

September 2021
11-12   Entry Form:   Marlborough 55th Annual Tournament (now being held on 16-17 October 2021)

October 2021
2-3         Entry Form:   Tennis Seniors Hawkes Bay Tournament
9-10      Entry Form:   Kiwifruit Coast Seniors Tournament, WBOP
16-17     Entry Form:   Marlborough 55th Annual Tournament (moved from September)
23-24   Entry Form:   West Coast Seniors Tennis Tournament
23-24   Entry Form:   Tennis Seniors Auckland Labour Weekend Tournament
23-24   Entry Form:   North Otago Masters 
23-24   Entry Form:   30+ Mt Maunganui Mixed Teams Tournament

November 2021
6-7        Entry Form:   Gisborne Sen iors Tournament
13-14     Entry Form: Cashmere Tennis Club's Seniors Tournament
17          Entry Form:   Thames Valley Seniors Tournament
28         Entry Form:   Western Bay of Plenty 60+ Seniors Tournament

December 2021
4-5       Entry Form:   Masterton Tennis Centre Seniors Tournament
28-30   Entry Form:   South Island Teams Festival

January 2022
8-9         Entry Form:   Wanaka Seniors 35+ Tournament
7-9         Entry Form:   Western Bay of Plenty Seniors January Tournament
22-23     Entry Form:   TKHP Tennis Club Seniors Grass Court Tournament
26-30     Entry Form:   2022 Pascoes Tennis Seniors National Championships
29-30     Entry Form:   Burwood Park TC Seniors Tournament (resheduled from Sept)