Newsletter from the President

The season has begun well with many of you paying your subs using the link you were sent.  If you have trouble using this please get in touch.  Since the club is only accepting credit card options please tick this box to enable your payment.  

Opening day went well with Megan Beale and Will Lamb winning the George Morris Memorial Trophy.  

There are school holiday tennis camps on this week but social tennis will be as normal and there will always be courts free.  On Sunday 17th October the courts will be all be used for the Southern Lakes Closed Junior Tournament.  Entries are still being accepted for this from Wanaka and Queenstown junior players.  There will be some good tennis being played.

Last week five club members did a court supervisor/referee course in Timaru which involved two days of theory and practical.  These five referees will be at the courts next Sunday using their new knowledge.  Jeanette and Geoff Hatten, Jacque Bates, Tony Marsh and Gerry Spencer all passed.  

Tennis etiquette at the course was covered  as well at the course.  Two examples which we are all guilty of doing is hitting back a serve that is a fault and the server not calling out the score after every point.  Line calls should be made verbally and with hand signals. If there is doubt about whether a ball is in or out it is in.

Rule for today:
Always clear any ball not in play off the court as this is a safety issue and if the opposition hit the ball then it is their point.

Jeanette Hatten