Presidents Newsletter - March 2022


MARCH 2022

Upcoming dates for your diaries

Southern Lakes Fundraising Tournament - Saturday 26th March at the Wanaka Tennis Club. All seniors i.e. adults over 18 are eligible to enter. This tournament is to raise funds for the Southern Lakes Association which comprises the Wanaka and Queenstown clubs.  The money will be used mainly for helping juniors to go away to tournaments and may also help pay some entry fees for senior players going away to Quadrangular tournaments.

Wanaka Quadrangular Tournament - 9, 10th April against South Canterbury, North Otago and Southland.

If you are keen to be in the team and over 50 years of age please send me your name.  

Club Champs - Weekend of 30th April/1st May with some matches played in the week prior.

It would be great to have A and B grades particularly in doubles. All players are encouraged to enter as competition really improves your game. I will ask for entries closer to the time.

The Brian Woolf Trophy (North Island v South Island) that was to be played in Wanaka on March 20th has been cancelled due to Covid. Hopefully this can take place here at another date.

 The proposed Adult/child tournament has been postponed due to Covid.

 Other News:

All events advertised are subject to Covid rules and will not take place if it is deemed not to be safe or numbers are too high in the community.

Keep scanning in and taking precautions while at the tennis club.  

 The Wednesday night competition is going well and the more relaxed dinner arrangements seem to be working mostly.  Extra guests cannot attend due to numbers allowed under Covid rules.   

The gate system seems to be working well but I would like to hear if anyone has had difficulty using the system or would like help to book courts.  

We have new retractable  hoses for watering the courts.  It makes it easier to water the courts so they are not as slippery.

 Please don't leave rubbish lying on the courts as there are plenty of rubbish bins and also don't forget your drink bottles !  We end up with so many lying about !  They will get thrown out if they have been there for too long.  

If you open an outside gate to get a ball please remember to lock it again before you leave the courts.  

 Court Etiquette Reminders

Please be aware of what stage games are at before you cross a court or go down the side.   Ideally you should wait until the end of a game. It is particularly annoying if you are playing on court 3 and people keep passing down the side.  We have another gate planned for access from court 1 to court 6 but we have been having trouble getting someone to do this gate. 

 Don't return those faults if you are sure it is a fault unless you have don't have time to react.  

If you are not sure whether a ball is out or in, it is deemed to be in.   Lets are only played if play has be stopped for a ball coming on to the court or some other hindrance.

 Enjoy your tennis.


Jeanette Hatten

Wanaka Tennis Club

ClubSpark / Wanaka Tennis Club