It doesn’t matter if you're a total novice wanting to get the basics right, an advanced player aiming to get to top performance level, or are happy to just play easy tennis while you are socialising with friends... Gabriel is the guy to call.

There are no limitations, everyone can play tennis. The Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Champions are consistently proving that to all of us. If you are between 4 and 104 years old, Gabriel is the coach for you!

With a background in research and development, Coach Gabriel always manages to find the answers to improving your technique. Sessions are fun and informative and he is easily able to explain any facet of coaching, step by step – from swinging a racket to the science and bio-mechanics of all shots and movements in tennis. Once you understand what is behind the scenes, everything starts making sense - then tennis becomes simpler and easier.

‚Äčor all enquiries please contact Gabriel:

Mobile: 021 175-7586   

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