Court Health & Safety

Health & Safety Information at Helensville Tennis Club


Astroturf Courts


All players must wear appropriate clothing and footwear on the courts and check that the courts are suitable for play. We would recommend hats and sunscreen.

If you find a problem with a court or any equipment please do not use them until the problem is rectified.

Any problems/damage should be reported to the Club Administrator on or 027 212 0522 immediately.

Helensville Tennis Club will then take the necessary steps, so far as practicable, to address the issue.

See caring for our astro turf court surface notice on the court notice board for further information.


What to do in an emergency

Fire – Fire emergency instructions are displayed inside the building.

If the building is locked and not in use when fire breaks out call 111 and move to the playing fields.

Earthquake – Get clear of any items/structures that may fall. When the shaking stops keep calm and assist those that need it, check for hazards, listen to radio for Civil Defence instructions.


First Aid Kit & Defibrillator

There is a First Aid Kit located in the public cleaning cupboard inside the building. If there is no access available to the building and the injury is serious dial 111 Ambulance.

There is a defibrillator located on the outside of the building on the netball court side.



Children using the facilities do so subject to appropriate parental permission. Parents have a duty to inform adults supervising children of any relevant health information in relation to their child. Parents also have a responsibility to ensure that their child behaves in an appropriate way and does not do anything which may endanger themselves or other users.


Safety rules and court etiquette

Spectators to stay outside of the fenced court area.

Clear any loose balls on court.

Beware to the court drain running between courts two & three, tripping hazard.

NO food, glass, tin or ceramics, smoking or fireworks, dirty or muddy footwear, chewing gum, vehicles except maintenance vehicles, metal studded footwear, dogs, scooters, skateboards or bikes.



Please refer to the Helensville Tennis Club Health & Safety Manual located in the kitchen.