Rules of Membership

Exert from Helensville Tennis Club Inc. Constitution.


Full member will be one of the following: Senior, Junior (13-18 years), Junior (4-12 years), Family.

Affiliate member will be one of the following: Business House, Social.

5.1         All those persons who were members of the unincorporated society known as Helensville Tennis Club at the date of this constitution being agreed to will be members of the Society.

5.2         Any person who agrees with the objects of the Society may become a member of the Society by application in writing (completion of a Membership & Business House Registration Form) and upon payment of the membership subscription set from time to time by a General Meeting of the Society. All applicants will be put forward to the Executive at their next meeting for approval.

5.3         A register of members of the Society will be maintained by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of the Incorporated Societies Act, 1908 and subsequent enactments.

5.4         Any person may resign membership of the Society by giving oral or written notice or by not renewing their subscription. Any resignations will be apparent by comparing the membership records from year to year.

5.5         If a current subscription has not been paid by a member, membership will cease three (3) months after a subscription has lapsed, unless prior payment arrangements have been made with the Executive Committee.

Expulsion of members

5.6         The procedure for expulsion of members (full or affiliate) will be as follows:

                5.6.1     Any person or organisation may make a complaint to the Executive Committee that the conduct of a member of the Society is or has been injurious to the character of the Society. Every such complaint will be in writing and addressed to the Secretary.

                5.6.2     If the Executive Committee considers that there is sufficient substance in the complaint, it may invite the member to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee and to offer a written and/or oral explanation of the member's conduct.

                5.6.3     The Executive Committee will give the member at least fourteen (14) days written notice of the meeting. The notice will:

       Sufficiently inform the member of the complaint so that the member can offer an explanation of the member's conduct; and

       Inform the member that if the Executive Committee is not satisfied with the member's explanation the Executive Committee may expel the member from the Society.

                5.6.4     If in the meeting the Executive Committee decides to expel the member from the Society the member will cease to be a member of the Society.

                5.6.5     A member expelled by the Executive Committee may within fourteen (14) days give written notice of appeal to the Secretary. The Secretary will then call a Special General Meeting to take place within twenty-eight (28) days of receipt of the notice of appeal. If that meeting passes a resolution rescinding the expulsion, the member will be reinstated immediately.